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Lugoff-Elgin High School Reviews

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If you can go to a different school do it. Some teachers are good but most do not care or help you. There is a lot of vaping and alcohol consumption. Usually only vaping on campus. I have personally felt welcome due to their JROTC program. If I would not have done that It would be one star. The JROTC program is 5 stars for sure.
i love this school this school is the best the teachers are awsome they help alot never had a complaint
Lugoff-Elgin High is a close knit family and the teachers are great. I believe the only thing I would change would be the size of the school. The school needs to be larger due to the capacity of the school. Classroom have up to 30 kids and not enough desk
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Most teachers do not really care if you learn or not but there are some (few) very kind understanding teachers.
Really enjoyed my experience teachers really helped me reach my potential. Always very supportive in anything I need from tutoring to just random teenage stuff
I think my experience at LE is unmatched. For years I just could not wait to get out of that school. I mean the roofs leaked. It took them years to fix it. I could not wait to get out of this small town. Well are we even really a town? I see now how great the school was. I went through friends and boyfriends. My teachers chose to get to know me. Especially ones I never thought would. So Mr. Howell that one goes out to you. I am thankful for the teachers who pushed me to be my best like Clark, Mullis, Hill, Coach. Even the vice principle who I had never talked to caught me throwing a rock at a kid let me off the hook for throwing a rock at a kid. I think it takes experiences like this to really show you what you had before it was gone and that losing this still means we are gaining something else. So to Lugoff Elgin which will soon be in my past thank you for all you gave me. Thank you for seeing the potential in all of us seniors. You are truly a 5 star school.
I just transferred to Lugoff-Elgin High School in January of my senior year so I could be dual enrolled at Central Carolina Technical College. My experience during this short time has been good. The school could use some upgrades but they are making improvements. For example, the front entrance is now a lot nicer and more secure. Visitors have to go through two different doors before even reaching the main office.
The school itself is pretty good. They have caring teachers and faculty. They care about if the students are doing well in a class or not. The school is also not afraid to show the students tough love so they work to the best of their ability.
I like Lugoff-Elgin High School because I have been attending for four years and every year it gets better. The teachers are so nice and help students better themselves. They care about our personal lives and help us with any issues. The administration does their job very well and keeps the school safe. I do believe that they need to improve facilities a little, the annex needs to be renovated as it is very old and has mold in certain spots.
Nasty and floods Everytime it rains but the fun part is how unified everyone is on how much we hate the school. Some teachers are cool though and a select few are too talented to be teaching here.
Lugoff-Elgin is a decent school to go to if you live in the Kershaw area. However it has it's negatives, and the negative
As a student I feel like Lugoff Elgin High School is a great school. The only thing that I would wish for incoming students is more student involvement and more school spirit.
As a 2019 graduate of LE, I can honestly say that I miss this place. Most of the teachers I had were really great and cared a lot about their students. However, I would like to see improvement in the overall atmosphere surrounding the school; we need more demon spirit!
My four years at Lugoff-Elgin High School was great. It was fulfilled with joy and heartbreak. I was very involved with my high school. I played baritone for the marching band for three years. I also ran track and field during my junior and senior years. The school offered so many opportunities for the students to get involved. They wanted students to be involved with clubs and activities around campus. The teachers around the school were amazing. They really do care about how the students perform academically. The administration was superb as well. During my senior year, I had a chance to work in the front office as an aid to the workers in there. It really opened my eyes to see how the school was ran in terms of organization and how the teachers got their information. It helped me mature a little bit more as a young adult.
I would like to see the rules and regulations change for the better. Some rules are too much and are just dumb.
Lugoff-Elgin High School is committed to providing students to are willing to learn an opportunity to not only finish high school, but to give those who have the determination/workrate a chance to obtain a higher education. The teachers are always quick to help anybody who does not grasp a particular subject through free tutoring which is available after school, Monday through Thursday. For our safety, we have deputies stationed throughout the school to make sure the students feel comfortable in a learning environment, as well as to answer any questions that a student may have. Also, if a student is having a hard time in school from an emotional standpoint, there is always somebody present in the student counseling office.
I like Lugoff-Elgin High School. They give the students many opportunities to do things and be involved in the school and the community around the school as well. I would like to see some things change though, like the food choices and how the teachers help students with learning disabilities.
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The wide variety of elective classes are really good. The only downfall is the amount of students in the building. The school is out growing itself. The parents are fully supportive in all sporting events and the arts.
Lugoff-Elgin seems like a bad High School when you go here, but compared to the other schools I've seen it is pretty good. The administrators are not great because a few of the great ones have left. The great AP and Honors teacher make up for this. I've seen that the CP classes are not good most of the time.
The teachers are great and willing to help you at anytime. Everyone is friendly and the staff is all about your safety and makig sure you understand your lessons. Lugoff makes sure your parents stay inform onevery aspect because we as students forget to tell our parents important information.
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