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Having the opportunity to go to the Lufkin High School I really liked that school is a great school. Very fun and many sports and many clubs to join! the Lufkin High School taught me that everything is possible and never give up. Some of the teachers and staff are great teachers. Everything you do in Lufkin High School will be memorable.
I liked the programs offered by Lufkin High School such as STEM Academy and the Gifted and Talented program. They give students a great opportunity to apply their learning into real-life situations. There are also announcements every morning discussing the activities of sports and clubs. The students are very friendly and the counseling office helps the students with any problem they may have such as questions about volunteer events, college, or mental health. Overall for a small-town high school, I'm definitely glad I got the chance to go there.
Lufkin High School is a very good school that has a lot of opportunities and clubs. There is a lot of teachers who will help you through your whole High School career and will be there for you.
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It was all a huge experience, from Friday night lights , supporting every club , and to Walk the halls of LHS. Everyone knew each other and everyone supported each other. We all felt for each other as we lost sports event, loss someone and even just felt for our friends. It’s a place were if you worked hard enough, everyone in the community will recognize you and for your hard work. I wouldn’t want to be a Lufkin panther anywhere else.
Teachers and principals cared more about dress code and leaving school during lunch than education and making sure the students enjoyed their time learning
Great school, teachers really care about the students. Our football team is really good and the advanced classes are excellent. I would recommend this school to any middle schoolers considering it.
Lufkin High School is a great school is one let's it be. Lufkin has AMAZING opportunities that help you further your future. I am currently in the Lufkin High School Panther Band. The band directors are beyond amazing and have been great mentors to my life. I am also involved in the STEM program and Ignite. Both are excellent programs to be involved in. The teachers I have had have been amazing. Culture is pretty different as there are very different types of people. Since Lufkin is a bigger school, you have to be careful who you hang out with. There have been a few accidents with drugs and many fights. However, the administration handles it pretty well.
My experience at Lufkin High school was a memorable one. The administration there is an awesome group of people. The counselors are very helpful willing and ready to answer any questions at anytime. Lufkin also has an award winning band as well as an awesome football team. I would not change anything about this school.
An alright high school. You can do better, however. Most of the money goes into the in school police force and the football team. When I graduated, I felt as if I was getting off of a sinking ship.
Lufkin High School had great opportunities for everyone. Despite being in a conservative state, most people had liberal ideas and were open-minded. However, looking aside all the good things about it, the district has a problem with bullying. Either the district overlooks reports or they try to cover it up.
I walked in knowing very little information about life, history, science and more. I’ll be leaving the high school later this month with more knowledge than I ever knew I could obtain.
i had a great experience here at lufkin high school. many friendly people. sports kept me busy, would recommend it to other students. one thing that could change is the rules for students.
it was boring and I did not have a lot of fun. I played baseball and that was cool though. I am glad that I never have to go back to high school.
I love Lufkin High School because of the many opportunities students are given to grow and succeed. Academically speaking, I would say it’s fairly good, teachers are interested in the the well-being of the kids, and the students are all diverse in their upbringings, life plans, and there are clubs fit for everyone. I would love to see the school grow, and perhaps be even more involved in the community.
I had some really great teachers and learned a lot of lessons. The school has a ton of opportunities for everyone, no child is left out. While there are some things that could change the overall experience is a good one.
Very big school with an average educational opportunity. They prepare you a lot for college, though.
My experience at Lufkin High School was nothing short of wonderful. The teachers here are very good at their jobs. They take their time to actually teach and help the students understand what is being taught to them. The environment is very welcoming and diverse, providing a chance to learn about other people and their culture. I liked the variety activities and clubs offered for people to participate in and get involved in the community. If I could change anything, I would want there to be field trips for health classes like Medical Microbiology or Anatomy and Physiology.
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Lufkin High School seriously lacks any viewpoint diversity. I, being a minority student as a white male, experienced countless encounters with racism and even more encounters with anti-conservatism. Around the time of the 2016 election, I was ridiculed for weeks, simply for supporting Trump. The teachers and administration did nothing about it. The teachers also vary widely in quality. I have had a few great teachers at LHS, but overall, the number of poor/sub par teachers greatly outweighs the number of good teachers present in the school. The science department in particular only has about 2-3 good teachers in total, and the Biology sector suffers particularly badly. I have enjoyed nothing about my experience at LHS, and I look forward to moving on to college next year.
Lufkin High school is somewhat okay. I dislike the fact that we can’t wear holes in our pants but it’s something that could be understood. I like how complex it is. We can learn a lot of stuff and they also have a variety of sports for example, swimming and tennis.
After attending Lufkin High School for 3 years I can say that going to school here is a place that feels like home. Now some days I may dread coming, but it’s because I’m stressed, I have a test, practice, or maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep. Anyhow, LHS is filled with many opportunities! Either they be academic or social. Most of the teachers, coaches, and counselors strive to best help the students. I’m glad to be a part of this school and am definitely sad this will be my last year here.
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