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having friends would make a huge difference with your high school experience so I recommend making friends
My experience at Luella High School has been pretty good for the most part. I’ve made some good grades even through all the challenges to get them. I had a lot of fun at many events like football, basketball, and soccer games. As well as assemblies, fairs, and pep rallies. Most importantly, I’ve made some amazing friends who actually made me want to go to school. The school has it’s problems and complications like the grading system, some of the faculty, fights, and a few rules. Despite all that, a big reason I love Luella is the culture and diversity there. It is a school that truly has personality and shine. It truly is a friendly place, everyone is kind to one another and everyone is family. It made school bearable and fun to go to. I will miss going to Luella but I am grateful that I was able to spend high school there and to graduate with a lot of incredible people. My experience at Luella High School was overall amazing.
There needs to be more discipline. The teachers and students need to show more respect to one another.
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Is a decent school, they do the best they can social wise. But academically speaking it's an okay school. Not the best in the state, but one of the better ones.
Luella High School has been a gateway for me to learn how to express myself and come out of my shell. This school has made me feel comfortable, many teachers at this school lit a spark in me to encourage me to pursue my dreams. The principal here has done so much to make sure our senior year will still be special regardless the Covid-19 pandemic. All of the staff at Luella make sure that they give a 110% into what they are there to do. They take pride in making sure all of their students and parents are heard and given the opportunity to be included in very important decisions for the school.
The overall school in general left a good impression on me. There was not too much work to do and the teachers love to work with you and help you succeed. The only problem is that the authorities can be very strict.
Luella isn't an amazing school, but there are definitely worse schools out there. It's one of the better schools in Henry County. The administration tries to work hard to better the school but the students don't care and still do things, completely disregarding the rules.
I really enjoyed the people at Luella. When I first moved here I thought making friends would be nearly impossible but little did I know I would make some of the greatest friends. The people that I have met made me create memories that will last a life time. Even though Luella could improve on the food, some teachers, restroom facilities, etc. The people are unmatched. Luella has taught me that change can be a good thing. Even though moving can be scary you never know who you will meet and how they can impact your life for the better.
my personal experience at Luella was ok. Academic wise could have been much better as the teachers mostly believed one type of way to teach worked for everybody. And many of the methods were unnecessary such as membean which has not been essential to anything outside of high school. The bathrooms were usually locked during school hours except for one in the lunch room and students were often in trouble for simply needing to go and using the restrooms just for being in the hallway. Safety has became a huge factor since my last year and they kind of have been over the top with it. My last year most of the clubs were very disorganized and I felt as if my money had been wasted essentially on doing nothing but receiving a shirt. All together I beleive the school all together could do much better.
Luella High School Academics is pretty good but I believe that the sports program will be better this year. The reason being is because of this new Head Coach for Men's Football and Basketball.
While the AP program is excellent, the school's overall cleanliness and adminstration are not great.
I have had great teachers here and the classes challenged me in a way that most schools don't. The AP program is very big with a diverse assortment of classes offering them.
My experience with Luella High School has been an interesting ride for me. The academics are great, it depends on which teacher is teaching the subject. The students do not welcome new people, instead, they bully and pick on them like they are unequal. Some teachers disrespect you and will write them up if you disrespect them back. Overall, the learning environment is great and it will get you through high school.
I moved to luella my sophmore year because I was going through alot and I needed a new start and im glad because Imade new friends and life was better after moving.
Luella is a good school with many opportunities to do your best in any area of your work. Here you can learn to adapt to a change of pace. The classes can be a little disruptive but just as fast they calm down and the work flow continues. Some teachers here can be very adaptive to the students and that's very helpful for struggling students.
As a student, I feel good about the Honors and AP courses. School culture and Safety needs to be worked on but the Student Principal's Council is working on it.
Luella High School offers college-ready classes that many other high schools don't have the privilege of having.
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During my time at Luella, I have come to appreciate everything it has done for me in terms of educating me, giving me my closest friends, and helping me into the person I am today. Although it may seem like an average school, nothing can compare the family we have become. The teachers are helpful and want us to succeed. Here, everyone is on each other's side. We aren't perfect by no means, but we for surely are a top tier school.
I have been at Luella High School my freshmen, junior, and senior year and it is a good school. It is really diverse school with many teachers o learn from.
I would not be who I am today without the diversity, academic and social opportunities, and the teachers that I’ve been exposed to at Luella. The diversity has showed me that while everyone is different we are all similar in someways and we can learn from those around us. The academic opportunities have led me to grow my depth and breadth of knowledge while the social opportunities have allowed me to explore my various interests. Finally, the teachers, especially the AP teachers, have showed me what passion and critical thinking look like. I would not be the same without each of these experiences.
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