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Ludlow Senior High School Reviews

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High school is high school: there's always drama, a lot of stress, social events, and you get the gist. But what makes Ludlow Senior High so great is its' staff. It's so incredible to see how many teachers truly care for their students and want nothing more than to see them grow. In LHS, you're made to feel welcome from the minute you walk in. Whenever there's a problem, they always know how to tackle it and reinforce change quickly to improve our learning environment.
I’ve had an overall positive experience at Ludlow High School. There are many teachers that want you to learn. There’s also a variety of sports and clubs that many students enjoy participating in. The morning shows, displayed on a projector in class weekly, is something students look forward to seeing. Although there are fights and teachers or students that are not motivated, the positives outweighs the negatives.
The school is decent but there are a lot of little annoying issues and things. A lot of my family has gone through this school and I even have family that works here but it's just ok.
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I like the involvement of the teacher and community. I would change the class rotation schedule. They had a lot of programs as a student you have a chance to get involved in your own success. I would change the rotation because having the same class and the same time everyday makes it tough if your a good learn early or later in the day.
I would say the education in the school is definitely superior to the other options I had, but Its very hard to get into things If you do not fit into the certain criteria.
I liked my experience at Ludlow High School. I had great teachers that pushed me to do better and take rigorous courses to challenge myself. There were plenty of extracurricular activities and events that kept students involved and well rounded. A change I would like to see would be for the school to host seminars on mental health and stability because I know many people can get stressed with schoolwork and extracurricular activities.
Ludlow Senior High School is a very nice and clean school. Amazing teachers. I would like there to be more interaction between staff and students.
I would like the sports facilities such as the outdoor track and the fields surrounding it be rebuilt and hopefully for a turf field to be built.
My daughter attends this school and she is given many opportunities. I feel that they should work more on college readiness though.
Looking back at my four years at Ludlow High School, I personally had many highs and lows. I did enjoy doing track and cross country, and participating in various clubs, but I did not enjoy the environment of the school. I am a black student attending this primarily white school, and I would say that I did encounter, on multiple occasions, racial encounters that did hurt me deeply. The school needs to look out more for its minorities and needs to make ways so that everyone feels like they belong, and are included.
Many issues with my high school but over all not the worst school. Some issues with the teachers not teaching the students. Very good access to technology and resources. Ludlow high school would try to create school spirit by having spirit weeks and have each grade participate to win prizes. There was no home coming, only prom, which I felt was missed opportunities in high school. Many teachers would only prioritize the students who are doing well in class and place the other students in slower classes. The safety of the school is very good. There are alarms on every door and only two doors that students were allowed to enter and leave through. The beginning of my experience at Ludlow high school was very bad, there were no alarms on the doors and the cameras in the halls did not work. Over the years the school became safer and created a good space for the students to focus on their education.
It's not too bad overall, it's more the environment of the school is rather poor. The other students can be rather "wild," for lack of a better term, and some of the teachers can be mean, but if you look past that, it's not too bad.
I like how everyone goes and supports our soccer teams at the school. It is always a great time to get everyone in the school together at one event. The academics at the school are very good. The only thing that needs improvement are our athletic fields because the track is currently unusable.
I enjoyed this school because all of the faculty was very outgoing and cared about every student individually. I was also very involved with sports and outside activities and was proud to do so. However, over my four years there they made a lot of changes to the school that made me like it less. We could not leave the lunchroom during lunch and they only had one bathroom unlocked throughout the day. We also could not go outside at any point in the day or we got in trouble.
Academically, it's fine. The classes are passable and AP classes aren't that hard. I like how there are study blocks, which gives you time to complete your work so you have more free time after school.
My experience at Ludlow Senior High School was very pleasant. Ludlow is full of compassionate teachers who are there to provide a solid education to their students and aid them in being successful. Ludlow High School is very considerate to students who do not always understand what they are learning at first. They provide extra help and care about not only the academic well being of their students, but also their mental health. Some of my teachers have become friends of mine whom I can go to with any struggle or problem I need to talk to someone about. At Ludlow High School learning is made to be not a chore, but the gaining of knowledge in an interesting way.
Overall, LHS is a great public school and will prepare one well for college and a career. Nothing incredibly outstanding about the school, but it has all the resources one would need. Teachers are good and know their subjects.
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It is a great high school where I've learned so much and I will continue to learn more things as the days continue.
The school itself has good education, minus the science program. It's not that the science program is bad its just that every year there's 3 new teachers in the department.
I was either really close with my teachers or not at all. Some teachers were really resourceful and helpful, while others weren’t.
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