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my last two years over there have been life changing because from when transfer schools. and also learning new things .and also getting to know new people than same ones from life long time.
Great small school system. What it lacks in big-school amenities is made up for in small-town closeness, where teachers and administrators are on first-name basis with the parents and know each student individually.
I graduated from Ludlow High school 2018, it was a really good place to go to school . The teachers really cared about your education they would do their best to make you succeed. Ludlow school staff really care about where you want to go after graduation and want to help you in every way possible to get you there. I am very glad to call myself a Ludlow panther.
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Ludlow is a small school in a small town. Attending this high school did not prepare me for college course loads or expected college knowledge.
The nurse never helps, always gives you either ice or a cough drop no matter what's wrong. Only one or two teachers don't care. The school courses are limited and the work in any class other than math is not challenging. Dress code is too strict and no one follows it.
Teachers at Ludlow are all around great, no matter what it is they're always there for students. I was challenged in my academics but with the help of my teachers I never failed. The college preparation classes have helped me tremendously. This school has also always made me feel safe and at home.
Ludlow High School is a great school to attend, it's a small and close knit environment and everyone in the community is treated as family. Whether you're blood or not. I wouldn't change anything about this school. It's my second home.
Alot of teachers care but the ones that don't care really dont care at all
We could use more fitness programs that arent just team sports
There are some items that we have too often, there also not enough options to choose from
The dress code is too strict and students get away with too much
The counselors are helpful to a handful and the technology is hit or miss on availability
I think high school prepared me for everything it was intended to. I'm a nursing student, as well as a young mother, and working full time in which I still manage to keep a 3.7 GPA. As in preparing me for the real world I'll have to get back with you on that I feel like there is so much more I haven't experienced yet to answer that question honestly.
Of course never school is perfect and I couldn't say it was the best high school around because it did have it's down falls. And in my opinion many factors all related to lack of money to buy newer materials that were needed. Such as books, computers, and other important keys to a better education. Students could be more engaged with newer materials besides just seeing sharpie writing all over the pages. The school is also older with dull walls, no color to lighting up the school day and make you actually want to be there. I must also tell you a couple awesome things about this school, we all loved each other like family. Being a very small community school everyone knew each other meaning everyone knew each others business, concluding in everyone understanding each other. I don't remember bullying being outrageous, I don't remember incidents where students were attacked for no reason, I personally never went to school fearing my life. And that's an issue in most schools nowadays. I just need to mention one last amazing point, the teaching staff is absolutely amazing. Many teachers still come into my head with life lessons I learned in high school, Ludlow is a great place to be.
Never really good funding and mainly just parents
They pay attention to a lot
Most teachers are great at doing there job and helping students in their class. There are only a few teachers that seem like they don't care.
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Safety is usually okay but we rarely have the same nurse for a whole year, and most of the time they have no idea what they are doing.
Not many different courses are available, but next year our school is offering free dual credit courses.
We are very big on being safe. We have a policy announced everyday on being safe, responsible, and respectful toward staff, students, and anyone welcomed to walk through our school building. We go over drills multiple times throughout the school year to have us as prepared as we could possibly be in case of emergencies though we have not done it as much this year as we have in years past. They are pretty strict on health in the cafeteria with what is served for lunch. Though it's "healthy", it has downfalls because the quality and quantity is poor. Our school nurse tries to help out as much as she can with the info you give her on the difficulty you are having with your health. She also does her best on trying to keep the students in school when they feel "sick". Overall, she does what she can do to help as much as possible.
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