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Ludington Magnet Middle School Reviews

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I really loved my experience at Ludington. I learned a lot, experience a lot, and grew a lot. I can't remember one bad instance when I was at Ludington. People, there are really nice will always help you if you need help with something. I would recommend Ludington to a family that's looking for a school that are very involved with their students.
Some of the students have very bad behavior and there are a few teachers that don’t care.They need to remove the students that have lower that a 2.5 but many students that have lower that that go there and I believe they need to fix that issue.
i had one issue with my son's asthma. made an appointment with principal and issued was resolved
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i really liked this school. my son enjoyed it as well. the staff was approachable.
The school helped me venture out and made me realize what I wanted to do with my life.
There really was not that much of a big fitness/sports atmosphere there.
The teachers were decent. Some went above and beyond while others just sat back and did not try as hard to educated students.
This school had a lot of kids that really were judgmental. They would mess with kids that would not actually stand up for themselves. Peer pressure was evident when I went there.
They had a variety of extra curricular activities that I enjoyed when I attended. They had math clubs, play production, decorating committee, academic games, beat club, student council, newspaper, yearbook and several more.
It was not bad but it was not great.
The school had a sort o rigorous process for it to be a middle school. You had to have a specific GPA and extra things when you were in elementary school.
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