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Ludington was a good school education wise. However, it greatly lacks in communication skills and is biased towards students who are well known and lived in the area their entire life.
I transferred to the school from another, newer, and much bigger school, and I consider the staff and material to be on par with my old school, especially considering the stark difference in funding. The teachers were excellent, probably too good for the students from that town.
Ludington High School is created by a passionate community. The school administrators strive for student success by pushing the students to perform their best and uphold the school reputation by any and all of their actions.
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Ludington High School is a good school. Teachers and staff care about the students that attend the school and are constantly trying to create programs to help us prepare for life after high school
Ludington High School provided me a well rounded high school experience, that prepared me to go on to college to receive my bachelors degree, and now work towards a doctorate. Every staff member, from top to bottom, wanted their students to succeed. The teachers always provided help where help was needed.
My overall experience at Ludington High School was very positive. Ludington is small enough to be able to have one on one time with the teachers, if needed. It’s very important to each of us, as students, to create a network with the teaching staff and be able to utilize their expertise even in the upcoming years as we attend college. Staff is always willing to help or give advise via email if any student needs assistance at anytime throughout their college education. For that we are lucky.
The one thing I would change is the district facilities. The elementary schools, middle school and high school are in desperate need of maintenance. Currently the district is working to get votes to build a new elementary school that houses K-5 and update the middle school and high school. This would provide the opportunity for all students to have the best technology and learning environment to create a positive educational experience in our beautiful town of Ludington.
They offer so many activities and clubs for students. My son is part of the fishing club and they now offer a robotics team.
I would not be happier with the district.
Very small school with lots of opportunities, but are very continual and annual, wish they would make new ones that could even be unique to LHS.
I truly believe that Ludington High school does the best it can with its situation. Located in a small town, it is generally devoid of meaningful resources and updated facilities, but most of the staff is passionate and effective in their teaching.
When I first moved here, I was coming from a much bigger town and school. I wasn't sure how everything was going to work for me in such a small school, but surprisingly, I actually like it better than my old school. Though the building itself has been here since the 70's, it is very well held up compared to my old school which had only been around since '93. The arts programs here are FANTASTIC and the directors are even better. The sports are okay but they have a whole lot more than I would have thought because they are a small schools. They have things like equestrian team, bowling, swim team, etc.
There are some things that needed to be worked on. Overall very good though. Most teachers are nice, and it's great that early college is an option for almost all students. Would probably give an over all 8 out of 10 stars.
All of our teachers are really nice, and we also have AP classes you can take. You can also take classes at the community college for college credit while your still in high school.
This high school offers a lot of AP classes, which is a nice way of earning college credits while you are in high school. You can also dual enroll at West Shore Community College to take college classes.
Ludington High School offers a multitude of ways for all students to get involved, whether it’s by sports, the arts, or other clubs. There is a place for each student and all of their interests. When someone is in need, the staff and the teachers rally to accommodate anyone. They are also always encouraging and want the best for all of the students here. For these reasons and so many more, I would like to come back to Ludington and raise my family here.
I think that the students, academics, and teachers are fantastic. However, the administration is very sketchy, firing and hiring people that may or may not deserve it.
This school provides many learning activities and the teachers are very helpful. This school is very focused on sports and doesn't provide enough funding towards any of the art programs.
Ludington High School has great teachers and a great atmosphere. They offer many opportunities with sports, clubs, and classes. There is truly something for everyone. One thing I would change is the food in the cafeteria.
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There were many changes being made the whole time I was attending. The teachers were helpful with answering questions and furthering the educations of the students. They knew where to direct you if they did not know the answer to a question asked of them. The teachers were also open and nice with their students, creating a good working atmosphere. The food could've been better, though there were a variety of options. The administration was also very helpful in readying students for college, whether that was through AP courses offered in school or online, or duel enrolling at the nearby community college.
Most of the teacher are so very nice and do all they can to help student succeed and prepare them for their future. But, I would like to see more enthusiasm from the principals and more support for the arts.
I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere as well as all of the options presented to myself and my class mates. The music and sport programs are amazing, and everybody involved is so talented. In my opinion, this is the best school I've been to.
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