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As a junior at Luck High School, I can honestly say that I've enjoyed my time here, and I'll miss it when I graduate.
My experience at Luck High School has helped me to be the best student I can be. The school, with small class sizes and a good teacher- to student ratio has provided opportunities that I can’t say would have been available just anywhere. The administration cares about each and every one of us and continues to make changes regarding curricular and extra curricular activities that benefit the student body as a whole.
I loved how small it is, so you know everyone. Bullying isnt really an issue either. Teachers can have special relationships with all the students because they are just great people who clearly value good relationship.
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I loved how small it was! I love knowing everyone and being able to have one on one attention. The classes were fun and we all had a voice in discussions. The teachers were all fun and I knew them outside of school. Everyone was friendly, the food wasn't the greatest, but it's a school.
Drake's student body is highly motivated and hard-working. I loved the size and the positive attitude I received from the students and faculty. The faculty is genuinely interested in helping you and giving you your best options.
The school itself is nice, I would go here again if I had the choice. I'm not much of a school spirited person though. The size is what makes it the best there are about 120 students 9-12 grade, you honestly know everyone's name and for the most part kids are decent.
We're a small school, so funding for athletics and fitness are low. However, we did receive a grant a few years ago and we now have an extensive fitness program along with an outdoor Phys Ed program, including kayaks, bicycles, tennis court with racquets and balls, badminton nets and racquets. Our school is very good at using their resources and hunting out extra ways to get funding for student programs.
I bring my own lunch so that I can have more variety,but overall the food isn't bad, and we do have a nice salad bar
We are a VERY small school (the graduating class of 2014 was 27) so we don't really have a safety services or anything like that. bullying isn't bad and if brought to the principle it is taken care of. We don't have a school nurse...School is very safe, everyone knows the 9-12 students by their name
We have the best High school counselor anyone could ask for! Mrs. Berg is really helpful, supportive, and informative.
Luck has some very good academics that they offer. Such as A.P Psychology, Medical Terminology, and Criminal justice.

Medical terminology had a lot of homework and extra studying to do outside of class. Although it's a lot of work it is worth taking the classes because of how much information you take out of it.
Its readily available but not the best technology out there
The school has great lockdown procedures etc. I would feel very safe in any and all circumstances.
Not many issues with ethnic/racial/sexual diversity, but the student body for the most part is very involved and willing to help the other students. We look out for each other when it comes down to it
Teachers know what they are teaching and take the time needed to help the students to improve, understand, and even go further in their studies
I was able to be involved and the teachers are great
Many options and staff/facilities are great!
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Amazing the teachers are dedicated and always help
Administration is involved and enforce policies.
We always have what we need and some options.
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