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Lucille Umbarger Elementary School Reviews

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Great place with lots of great teachers. I grew up here and loved going to school everyday, especially because the building was brand new when I was there.
poor school, the teachers don't inspire their students, it's a well diversified school since half the 7-8 graders come from West view, drugs were a problem when I attended.
Bullying isn't an issue at this school, so personal safety usually isn't one either. There are minimal dubious/illegal activities going on with students, and the few that do engage in such behavior usually participate in non-violent crimes, such as doing drugs. The school nurse is available 24/7, and the school takes precautions in the case of conspicuous persons finding their way onto campus. Generally, it's pretty safe.
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More extracurricular activities could be offered, but the ones that are a pretty good quality- however, the focus on excellence only extends to athletic activities. Other clubs, such as technology/art/robotics clubs, are more often than not disregarded in the push for athletic excellence.
Lucille Umbarger Elementary is a great school for students who seek opportunities to further their education beyond standard curriculum. However, I noticed that teachers don't inspire students who don't want to excel. This is problematic due to the fact that the status quo remains unchanged- students who wish to do well continue to do well, and the disinterest of students who don't have those aims is reflected in their lackluster academic performance.
Overall, the teaching staff at this school successfully engage students and maximize their opportunities for learning.
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