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Lucille Roybal-Allard Elementary School Reviews

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I love, love, love this school. My daughter attended 4th-6th grade and had the most amazing experience. These teachers are so enthusiastic and always go the extra mile. My daughter learned, not only about reading, writing and math, but about technology (coding) and how to be a global citizen. She learned about the world we live in and how to be compassionate and empathetic to others around the world. I, myself, learned so much. Thank you LRA!
There are no extracurricular activities besides babysitting- and then they are tiered. An select few have a structured program that allows them to have small groups, good supplies, and access to actual classrooms. For the great majority- they get one large group (over 40) managed by ONE adult, who has to spend out of her pocket if she wants to do anything with the kids....they get to sit on the lunch benches until 6pm in the dark and open to the elements, if it rains they can sit on the FLOOR of the auditorium.
My first 'interaction' with a parent was when I asked a parent to move for a student with a large project- she wasn't listening so I tap her on the shoulder saying excuse me and get cussed out for my trouble. On the rare occasion when I have gone out of my way to try to speak with other parents- they do not know English.
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This was the most horrifying school I could imagine. Not only did they put my daughter in ESL by implying that I could go to jail if I didn't put her in it, but then they put her in a class that gives assistance in Spanish...when she speaks Chinese and English. The teachers smile and tell me how well she's progressing- while I spend 2 hours a day working with her on reading and writing. For a non reader to be told to 'practice' reading by self study is truly stupid. They do not explain spelling words and rely on parents to teach for them...but in the ESL class I am the only parent who is fluent in English so I shudder to think at the kind of 'education' the other students are getting.
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