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Lucille M. Brown Middle School Reviews

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My Lucille experience was pretty decent. In my experience, nothing bad happened. I do know people that bed to differ. The teachers overall are ok, but they dont prepare you for college. The food isnt that good, and the sports dont seem to be taken too seriously.
The school is somewhat safe. They could brush up on a lot of their resources, but at least they have them available.
I was in a handful of extracurricular activities when I was in middle school. Team Up is a good after-school program, which focuses on a lot of different activities such as dance, step, and other art and movement activities.
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I was in the IB Program, so my experience was great! We were hit with a lot of challenges and were helped along the way to overcome them.
They are always on top of their grades and they always have a chance for a child to bring his/her grade up. They all have very versatile ways of teaching. They are very knowledgeable and make sure no child is left behind.
This school has a really great learning program. From their administration to the diversity in the student body. Teachers there are outgoing and easy to get along with. They are ready to help you in anything that you need. I was part of their soccer program and it was great! The coaches really treated the team like family and through that I was able to develop my leadership skills.
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