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Smaller teacher staff allowed more personal relationships with students to help learning a more enjoyable experience. Though due to low employment in the school it limited the type of staff that was there (Councilors and things of that nature.)
The school is small which isn't anything bad but since it has a small amount of students it means we have less classes. We just implimentrs honors classes but we don't have enough students to have AP classes.
Lucerne Valley Highschool is a small public school that happens to share a campus with Lucerne Valley Middle School. This offers no inconvenience as the two do not share the same schedule, but it does pose a problem sometimes with bullying. The school is small, as is the town, creating the situation in which everyone knows everyone, including personal business. It's actually quite nice to be able to share a personal experience with teachers and students, but I wish students and staff focused more on anti-bullying campaigns and such.
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The parents do get involved with extra curricular activities. They are usually good about supporting the kids with what they're doing.
There is good and bad about every school. Unlike my old school, the staff here are always willing to help and make sure that you are doing well in class. They incorporate several different methods of teaching which is very helpful. The teachers are into the student life at school. They help out wherever they can.
The National FFA Organization club is a very popular club at the school. Many students are involved. It gives students a role of leadership and public speaking. It shows how to work as a team to get things done.
the office staff does good helping students
the involvement with the school sports clubs is high since there is nothing more to do at the town.
the teachers make sure that most students are on task.
the school has done a good job making me ready to face the real world.
We don't have a nurse.
The teachers want us to graduate.
The principal is very helpful.
his school is lacking in a lot.
Everything is outdated. the Computers are brand new though.
Our sports teams are not that good.
the FFA program is extremely well ran must likely the best Ag teacher out here.
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We normally do not have peer pressure unless you are in the wrong group. Due to such a small town, our acceptance to persons are abnormally high.
i honestly don't know what to put
We have a wide variety of food available at the snack bar. At lunch, there are two options but, its the same as every week and they have slowed down on the salad bar which should be a key ingredient.
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