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Lucas High School is very small, all of the class sizes are less than 25, which allows the teachers to get to know you personally. Teachers at Lucas care about your success and focus on how you learn, finding new methods or spending extra time to help you succeed. It truly is a wonderful school and there isn’t anything that I would change about it.
I loved the small community feel about Lucas. It is easy to make friends and get help from teachers because of it. I have learned so much because of the excellent teaching here. My high school years have been so fun with my classmates and teammates. Sports and extracurricular activities are very important to my school and myself. Academics always come first though and that is known to every student.
Being a student at Lucas High School is extremely different than being a student at any other school. Lucas is the definition of a small town where everyone knows everyone. There is only around 200 students enrolled at Lucas High School and my graduating class will be around 46 students. A con from the limited enrollment is you only have a few options of classes you can take or extracurricular activities you can be involved in. However, a pro of going to a small school is that I have been able to form close relationships with many of my classmates over the years. Most of the kids I am in school with now are the same kids I went to school with in elementary school. The biggest change that I would want to see from Lucas High School is for them to have a little more variety with the classes and extracurricular activities they offer.
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living in the little town of Lucas is quite nice, yeah there may be only a couple hundred students in the high school, but the teachers are really nice and there is maybe one fight a year if that. I've been here since 8th grade and I know that two fights have happened, plus there isn't much bullying, no matter what you'll fit in somewhere. That is why I love Lucas.
Lucas High School has great school spirit, but lacks when it comes to the building it is facilitated in.
There aren't a lot of choices for this school but every club is welcoming with open arms. Even the National Honors Society is willing to help students boost their grads and gpas to allow them to achieve high academic standards.
Given what funds the school can work with it gives the best experience possible for its students.
Most teachers are incredibly intelligent in their field of teaching. There are a few that (maybe three or less) that I feel may have gone into teaching because they liked the subject and not the actual part about teaching the information to the students but overall the staff hives the students above and beyond what the state requires. I'm am glad to have attended this school because of its teachers and would want future generations to attend if the staff remains the same.
I really enjoy Lucas High School. I have attended Lucas Local Schools since Kindergarten. Our classes there are very small, but we all know another very well. The classrooms are smaller and allow more time for one-on-one help. The teachers are so helpful and friendly. They will do anything for their students. Lucas is unique because everyone there knows each other so well, it's one giant family. Our sports teams are supported tremendously throughout the community, which brings us closer together. I would choose this school over again if I could. I would not change much about Lucas, but if I could change anything it would be the value of sports over education. Academics at Lucas are outstanding, however, a few teachers care about sports more.
There are no options for students with special needs such as gluten free or vegetarian. The same meals are served repeatedly and there are hardly ever other options.
The school building is extremely small and old, with what I would guess to be several safety issues. The computers are also old and slow. There are not many college prep resources and the guidance counselor is lazy and not much help.
For each teacher having to teach several classes at different grade levels, I thought they did a decent job. I think that the school should have more teachers for different grade levels instead of making one teacher teach three different classes for three different grades.
I felt that going to this high school did not prepare me well for the college experience. Because my school was very small, with a graduating class of only 47 people, it was much different than a large college setting, which I am glad to be a part of. Also, there were not very many advanced classes available at this school which made it difficult in preparing for college.
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