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LCA is amazing!! It’s very small so some resources/facilities may be lacking compared to other schools but I loved my time there. I felt so at home there and I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything
Stronger math and science curriculum. Students result in taking these courses off campus which lead to more homeschool diplomas
LCA is wonderful. They have outstanding academics and caring staff who truly want to help students succeed. In comparison to other private Christian schools, the worship program at the school really has amazed me since I joined the school 9 years ago. Overall the school does a great job preparing students for the future. Because the school is so small, there is not much diversity among the student body, but the students are very accepting, loving, and inclusive as a whole. I have loved my time at LCA and if you are looking for a place to send your student(s) I would definitely come to check it out!
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Lucas Christian Academy has helped to shape the person that I am today. It has taught me to make a difference in my community. There are endless opportunities for involvement and leadership. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities. The small setting allows students to form friendships and build relationships with mentors. Operating as a university model school, Lucas Christian Academy allows students to balance school and family life with a three day per week schedule. This has allowed me to practice study skills and time management that will help make my college experience a success.
My experience with Lucas Christian Academy was average. I have been going to LCA since 3rd grade and have made many memories. Lucas Christian Academy has helped me grow in life-long friendships and has helped with finding mentors to help navigate me through high school. I would like to see a change in diversity throughout the school and more hands-on experiences and opportunities.
It's a fantastic school with fantastic teachers. I highly recommend it if you are in that area and looking for a university model school.
this school ruined my whole high experience. i would not suggest this school for anyone unless you hate your children. the teachers are cruel and so is the administration please save your kids and don’t put them through this awful school.
Let’s be honest...high school is 4 years long, although it feels like a lifetime. It feels like even more of a lifetime when you get kicked out of a private non accredited high school, and have to restart high school halfway through your sophomore year for making a 2 minute video about a teacher. LCA has a nice little way of making everything on the exterior look perfect. This is because they kick all the “bad kids” out so they don’t give the school a bad rap. Don’t send your kids here...they’ll either resent you for it, or become some mindless Jesus drone who you’ll come to resent
I graduated from LCA & it wasn't easy. Its almost all white & a lot of the people are racist. They have a clause in their contract that says they can kick out ur kid for being gay. The work load is over the top, and not like "oh they do a good job preparing the kids for college" its more like "oh my student wants to kill themselves." Besides the amount of work, the staff are heresies. They deal w/ issues w/ no love, only judgement. I do not know if I believe in God bc if this is what Christians are like, I want nothing to do w/ it. They're only ever kind to the kids who act innocent & are involved w/ school, anyone else who has sinned, they shame & put them into categories of good & bad. The "good kids" can break dress code, skip classes, etc w no consequences while the "bad kids" are always being watched & getting in trouble for small things. This isn't just from me, half the kids will testify that this is how the school runs.
Lucas Christian Academy is a very strict private school. They label you as either a "good" kid or a "bad" kid and that is based on your level of faith. They pretend to be amazing Christians but give off a fake vibe. It wasn't all bad but the bad definitely outweighs the good.
Excellent Christian school that is both academically challenging and character building. The model teaches students time management, while maintaining academic rigor.

The Student Life department provides a plethora of rich opportunities for students to connect and form authentic relationships. They don’t shy away from real issues that plague our world, rather they address tooics head on so students are ready when the enter the bigger world.

Parent involvement is critical and the school honors families in policy and action. My kids are thriving here. Though there is no perfect place, I couldn’t ask for a better school environment for our family.
LCA provides a strict, structured environment and has a heart for academics. Although the school has many small, successful sports teams, there is more focus and reward for the academic aspect. The school is challenging. Although Christian principles are at its core, not much grace is given as LCA only wants the best from its students. Anything less will not be tolerated.
I think LCA is a great community and such a special school. The teachers are extremely involved with students and truly want the best for them. The athletics are biblically led and the arts have a Christian basis. It feels like a family and I look forward to coming to school every day.
Academics are hard, but prepare students well for college. One thing I might change is offering more AP classes in 11-12th grade.
I like the strong sense of discipline they have, but they still know how to make school more bareable. We have a dress code but it’s not as strict as some schools. We use it just to hold basic regulations for safety, modesty, etc. When attending Lucas Christian Academy, core classes commonly occupy Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, meaning you are only required to come to school three days every week.
It’s a pretty decent school overall. Not really outstanding in any way in my opinion. The teachers have a very high turnover rate, but recently the old administration is being cleared out and new people are coming in. Hopefully this new administration can improve the school and run things responsibly.
I very much like how the teachers push their students to do the best they can do. They do not tolerate laziness or disobedience. I also like the overall atmosphere of the school. Most of the students are nice and including and are genuinely good people. Sometimes the school goes a little overboard with the rules but the majority of students show strong academic success.
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Good school, really strict, and very serious about academics. Teachers are understanding and willing to help each and every student. I went all four years of high school and enjoyed my time there with my peers who I grew close to very easily.
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LCA is commited to the character development of its students through academics, athletics, and the arts.
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