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It was overall a good experience and the teachers and administrators will provide you with what you need if you just ask.
I experienced the best of all around learning. The kids were easy to get along with and become friends with all sorts of teenagers. The teaching was well beyond my expectation the teachers care for their jobs and their students. The upper staff were well aware of what was going inside of the school. They stayed on top of everything. I recommend this school for new coming teenagers and parents.
Overall, I've been going to Lubbock High School and it's a really challenging academic school that test your limits and also explores more in depth in fine arts, plus more opportunities for extracurricular activities.
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I love Lubbock High! From the teachers, to students it’s just overall a very fun and encouraging atmosphere. I wouldn’t go to ANY other school!
I participated in the IB or International Baccalaureate program and the teachers who are involved in this program are absolutely amazing and extremely dedicated. They made the last two years of high school so much fun and created an amazing learning environment. Furthermore, the students in the IB classes are very involved and focused on their studies that it creates an environment where expressing opinions and sharing knowledge is looked forward to rather than frowned upon.
I came from a small private school so a it was a change going into high school but lubbock high gets a lot of transfer students and makes the process easier. I do wish that there was a little more lenience on attendance because every absence has to have a doctors note and my family can’t take trips as often because of it.
I love the teachers at Lubbock High! They genuinely care about me and are invested in my education. Lubbock High is proud to produce students that are successful, and that are formed as citizens, not just students!
Lubbock High School has a wonderful environment for those seeking academic challenges and achievement. Their arts and music programs are also excellent and provide wonderful opportunities for community and growth.
Lubbock High School is a beautiful, outstanding school. Most students are academically challenged on a comfortable scale with those who need help and helped and guided by the wonderful teachers' and counselors. The school is very clean and well mapped. Most of the teachers are putting smiles on students faces and keeping us felt loved and powered. The school withholds are great diversity of students from all backgrounds over the world. The school provides a really well structured college readiness program called International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Capstone. These programs aid in the placement when transferring to ones intended college or university. The school has many clubs and activities happening throughout the year from CAT Club, The National Honor Society, Chess, Sports, Spanish club and the list goes on.
I liked how the students were very easy to get along with and I enjoyed the diverse population of the school. However, I feel like Lubbock High needs more recognition in extra curriculars and sports. I feel like the school is so strictly educational based that sports and arts are not that appreciated. I also think that there needs to be more social activities like a homecoming dance because our students don't get to participate in those activities like other high schools.
I love Lubbock High School I’ve been here for 4 years and the diversity and people you meet here are amazing. This school culture is so electric and i wouldn’t choose another school to be at
I loved going to Lubbock high. The history of the building shows all over the place. From the beautiful architecture to the fact that buddy holly attended. I thought it was really cool that pretty much everyone was friends, even though it’s a big school, everyone was friendly with each other. The teachers were amazing, some of my favorite teachers are while I was in highschool.
This school is a good school for academics. The IB /AP and dual program options available gave me an opportunity to get ahead in my college course.
The school is amazing but is lacking a little in the science department, however the NJROTC program is amazing and teaches a lot of skills you can use even if you don't want to join the military like leadership.
Overall good administration, but its starting to lack in quality of departments. Very safe, clean, and friendly.
I love being at Lubbock high I have met amazing people and their NJROTC program is amazing. In NJROTC I have met amazing people who push you to become the best that you can be and they will help you if you ever need help of any kind.
I believe the administration needs to be more involved with what is going on around them, there was a student who had been attending classes for two whole days.The teachers didn't have her on their roll nor did she have a school ID, that second day she was sent to an office to get a badge.When she had gone into the office the office aids were asking her for her ID number, the girl said that she did have one. The office clerks then began to say that she could be charged trust passing and more. She apologized and said that she did not know she wasn't enrolled because her grandmother had told her she had filled out all the paperwork. They then made the 15 year old girl walk home alone, which Lubbock High is located around a very unsafe section of Lubbock.
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Although the football team at Lubbock High School is not the best, the school spirit at every game is still at an all time high and I think that's really good for the students to still have so much support and energy for our team. Our academics are amazing and is what we are known for! This school always ends up having the most students get awarded with huge scholarships and out of all the districts in Lubbock they have the most scholarship money given to students! The history of Lubbock High itself is really neat, Buddy Holly was a student at LHS and they have a shadow book case dedicated to him, and even a plaque next to his homeroom. Being at this school has really showed me that school can be challenging but enjoyable at the same time and I have enjoyed it for the most part.
I loved the academics taught there at Lubbock High. The teachers were very passionate in both the AP and IB programs to make sure that we, as students were prepared for the college journey ahead. I think that the regular classes that are given at Lubbock High should provide more homework and more of a challenged learning environment for those students because even though most of those students would not like to further their education, their learning experience at Lubbock High can definitely help them in the working industry. As for ideas about how Lubbock High could help better their learning experience is simply by providing classes that teach life skills like about proper customer service, money management, budgeting, and the social skills they will need to be hired at whatever type of jobs they want.
Great school. Really prominent on academics and provide opportunities for students to show their talents.
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