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It is very open to all different types of learning and adaptive to everyone. I transferred over my 10th grade year and was welcomed with opened arms. I do wish that when I came they had told me about the nursing classes. I wasn't informed of everything they had to offer and if I had known I would've become more involved.
The Lubbock-Cooper School board always took our best interest at heart. they always did the best for us. During hard times they reached out and told everyone that it will be okay and they were there for us. The fact is they always had someone looking out for us and that means so much to the students.
Lubbock Cooper has implemented so many rules in an effort to better our learning environment but it has in fact made work more complicated and difficult to understand in some aspects
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Cooper is a very good school and while there are a lot of strict rules you can tell the faculty here really does have the students best interests in mind.
I love the dynamic of the different students and how we influence each other. Lubbock-Cooper is a very large school, with kids coming from so many different backgrounds. With this dynamic, we learn a lot from each other. I also love the teachers and how they care to watch their students succeed. Something I would like to see change is the large number of students uninvolved in activities or clubs. High school is so much better when you're involved and active, and I would like to see more clubs with something for everyone.
As a Cooper Pirate I was challenged in different ways each year. The teachers at this school are good at what they do and have helped me succeed in my academic life. In my first year as a pirate I was challenged with multiple forms of bullying, but the staff was quick to help when I voiced my challenges. Overall its a great school, maybe not suitable for every child.
Lubbock-Cooper High School has a very special place in my heart. I moved to Lubbock in 7th grade, and left all my old friends behind. I had a tough time getting adjusted to a new school, new faces, and a new city. As time went on and I grew older, I started to realize that I wouldn’t want to graduate in any other place, with any other people. Since I was a small girl, I’ve always wanted to know everyone in my graduating class, or know everyone in general. The class I’m graduating with feels like my very big, very extended family. I’ve never seen a class of people be so tight-knit and supportive of each other. My heart swells with pride for my class, and for dear old Cooper High.
The principals and staff always strive to take care of us, the students, and are always available in the event that we need help with homework to life advice. The security that the Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District provides makes attending any school worry free.
No matter how high your grades are, how you dress, what your attitude is they will always judge you by the color of your skin, and if you’re anything but white its a a horrible highschool experience
Lubbock-Cooper High School is a great school for students who are willing to achieve to do their best for themselves, their school, and community. The teachers are friendly, and are always willing to help their students. For those interested in sports, their is a soccer team, golf team, football team, etc. which makes for a diverse assortment of sport teams. If you want to succeed in high school, Lubbock-Cooper High School should be your first choice.
It was just like every other high school. It used to be small but it was definitely trying to prove. It is still a small 5A school, but it was one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas. The High school seemed to be crowded but that is a good thing because of how fast it is growing. Overall it is a pretty good school.
High schooler are... as expected, but I love the huge number of available classes! Elective wise, classes range from welding, woodshop, and agricultural development to dance, cosmetology, and floral design. I only wish there were more language courses!
Lubbock-Cooper is definitely a school I would like my children to go to. They take care of their faculty and for the most part all of the faculty takes care of the students in and outside of school. I have never met friendlier people. I am happy that I spent my early years in this school program.
Attending Lubbock Cooper High School is genuinely a privilege. LCHS has a variety of different classes that could career based classes in computer science, agriculture, medical sciences, child development, and food science. OUr administration does an amazing job at managing our school's functioning and safety, along with our well-being. The staff here is another perk at LCHS because they are always willing to help a student when it is needed. I truly thank the janitors, our lunch ladies, teachers, student aides, teacher aides, police officers that work hard to make sure we're safe, and the staff within the office and counseling center. I do feel lucky being a student at such a technologically advanced school and one that has such neighborly peers.
What I love about my school is that your voice will be herd. Teachers as well as students work with each other in order to make our school environment even better and easier for everyone to accomplish. I also love that my school has many opportunities to help us be ready for whatever we need. We have fairs so others can expand on extracurricular activity, and collage counselor visit to tell us about collage life, and people from the army visit to answer any questing about joining.
I really enjoyed my time at Lubbock-Cooper. The best part about Lubbock-Cooper were the teachers. They were all really awesome and taught me so much academically and personally. Lubbock-Cooper also gave me all sorts of opportunistic such as Student Council, NTHS, FBLA, UIL, and FTC Robotics. I would love to see the STEM program especially in computer science like classes to be improved as that is still lacking at the high school.
Lubbock cooper high school is for those who love tradition. Unlike most teachers in the LISD, LCISD teachers share a wonderful relationship with their students. I grew up knowing most of these teachers due to family and friends. My first grade teacher still keeps up with me to this day. The athletic programs are wonderful and hands on with the younger generations.
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What I like about Lubbock Cooper High School is the teachers dedication to their job along with helping the students reach their full potential. The facility is very nice and helpful. The students here are pretty good, I've made some of my bestest friends here. One thing I would like to see change is the appreciation for other extra-curricular activities instead of the main ones; for example more appreciation for the band/color guard, they never get the kind of recognition that they deserve.
Lubbock-Cooper High School is a school that takes pride in their academics, sports, and other clubs. As a growing school, they are now offering a variety of different classes that students can choose from. Although a large chunk of the school's family income can fall into the higher class, I believe there should be more options and college prep classes that other students can take.
The reason why I gave my school four stars is because the environent Cooper provides for the students is the best. Every staff member I came in contact with was every nice and always was willling to go the extra mile to help me. I will look back on my days in high school and know that the school I went to was the best there was at the time.
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