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Great school. People are welcoming and accepting. Teachers are open-minded and generally fair. Because it is a small school, it does come with the downside of having less facilities and less options for classes and APs. Also the activities periods are sandwiched between classes, so there is only a handful of clubs that are running. But many students have a lot of extracurriculars to do outside of school -- volunteering, sports, internships. Senior privilege is very nice -- really liked the fact that the school is trusting enough to let students to dine out. Also, the red cardigan is really nice.
Its pretty good overall, but it can be a little too strict with some things, as well as kinda forcing religion down your throat at times. Especially for a Jesuit school, where religion shouldn’t be as prevelent as say a catholic school
But yea overall it’s good, the things I’ve mentioned are just things I don’t personally enjoy.
A warm, tight knit community committed to giving the best of education. It was an overall excellent experience to be a part of Loyola.
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Loyola is a great college preparatory school located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The rigorous academics and abundant resources prepare students very well for college. In addition, the school's commitment to promoting social justice broadens student awareness of societal issues around the country and world. Overall Loyola is an excellent school and a privilege to attend.
I am grateful for my experience at Loyola. It was a wonderful combination of challenging coursework, interesting teachers, extracurricular offerings, and amazing facilities. I particularly appreciated the social justice emphasis, as that has been important part of who I am today. I am still very active in Loyola as alumni, and they have continued to develop the school further (wish the rooftop field was there when I was a student).
It is a supportive experience for developing young adults/students. There is a community approach, including the parents, to student success. The curriculum is challenging as is the commitment to social justice, community service, and personal reflection. Relative to its size, there is excellent quantity and quality of co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities for engagement outside of the classroom.
My experience at Loyola has been incredible. The warm, tight-knit community welcomed me from the start. A Loyola education can be best described by cura personalis: care for the whole person. At Loyola, I have been encouraged to think critically about the world around me—about injustices occurring at local, national, and global levels. As a result, Loyola students tend to be very passionate about social justice. Thanks to my supportive teachers and friends, I have discovered more about myself as a student, and as a person. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this community.
Loyola was the first high school I toured, and from the moment I walked in, I knew that it was where I wanted to go. If you want a well-rounded high school, look no further. Loyola has top-notch academics - classes challenge us to grow and develop as thinkers. The Class of 2022 - my class - has only 63 kids in it, but that’s a good thing. Small grade sizes allow for us to get to know each other well. We have many fun events. In January, we have Sports Night. The whole school cheers on our basketball team. The night has a warm community feeling to it whether we win or lose. We recently had For and With Others Week, where we gathered to discuss important issues concerning diversity and equality in our school community and the world. Sports include soccer, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. As for clubs, we have a Newspaper, Book Club, and Dance Club, among many others. I love Loyola, and I’m so glad I’m here. Go Knights!
Loyola has prepared me to go out into the world. My Jesuit oriented education has given me skills that I believe are very unique and give me a leg up. I’m very proud of the education I’ve received and I am so thankful for the opportunities Loyola has given me to move forward in life.
Loyola is an amazing school. It has a central focus on a well rounded student. My favorite part about Loyola is its service program. As a freshman, I was able to travel all the way to Paraguay for the goal of building a basketball court along my classmates and teachers!
Loyola is a great school that can provide a handful of clubs and activities, as well as a great education. Being that it is a small school, we have a very close community. The students can work with both teachers and upperclassman to make our time at Loyola enjoyable for everyone. Loyola is a great school that has made me feel like I am a part of an open-minded and loving community.
This is a top notch small private school in NYC. Has a very cozy feel due to its class size. So far, the teachers are excellent and the course work is challenging. Sports are not the best due to the smallness of the student body. And the students say they loves the food.
Parent of two students that recently graduated from Loyola. Small nurturing environment and the individual attention regarding the college process is excellent. Most of the instruction is top notch but some teachers should be replaced as their deficiencies are apparent and for the cost of attending Loyola all teachers should be stellar.
I like the college readiness and preparation. I think the new administration helps a lot with preparing kids for life and educating them, as well as listening to them. Students can make the school difficult to deal with as it is very cliquey. The way Loyola helps you get into college and honestly prepares you, however, is worth it.
all of the people treat each other horribly, and teachers make fun of students. They have extremely hard academics, with little help to those failing. It is far to big, and the people are conceded.
Warm and caring environment with superior teaching methods which inspire my child. Our experience has been outstanding and we have felt part of the fiber of the school since admission.
A wide variety of clubs and activities are available. Many meet during the school day during school wide "activities" periods.
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Very loving community which values each student. The accademics are quite rigorous, but the teachers help make it managable. Best high school experience!
Go out of their way to help all students, in a rigorus environment.
My experience at this school has changed my life academically and socially