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I liked how small the school was and how I was able to talk to teachers whenever I needed help with something I didn't understand. I also like how I knew everyone in my grade by name and knew each one of my fellow classmates to a certain extent.
I love my school and how much of a community it is. Every one knows everyone and people look out for each other. One thing that I would like to change at Loyola is the turn over of teachers and work load.
I transferred into Loyola Sacred Heart after experiencing a corrupt public school system inside of Missoula, MT. From the moment I walked into Loyola, I was immediately welcomed in as if I had been there for years. It is a family environment that is accepting to all with a fabulous education.
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Loyola is a tight knit community of students driven to succeed. Courses may be challenging but teachers are approachable and always willing to help when asked.
Loyola has been a great experience for me. No school is perfect, we may have carpet on the walls and the temperature is never what you want it to be, but the community I have found at Loyola is rivaled by none. I have never met a more compassionate, caring and supportive group of people in my life. My teachers have been there hours before and after school, I even emailed one of them at 11:30 at night and they got back to me right away (Thanks Mrs. Walworth). Loyola isn't like other schools, I have loved it and I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world.
Loyola is very focused on academic excellence. The homework load is overly excessive, but it taught me how to balance a schedule and manage my time to get every thing done. It is small and community-oriented, and I have made a lot of good relationships there.
The Relationship between teachers and students is like no other. Teachers make themselves very accessible in case of any student questions. I would like to see improvements in the music program, and support of the arts students.
The teaching and what I learned was great but athletics and other extra curicular activities were not as great due to drama and parent involvement.
The teachers have a passion for teaching and want us to learn.
I have enjoyed my high school experience at this school. The school is incredible in academics and pushes you to get ready for college. The athletics are great, they give everyone a chance to try out new sports and has plenty of choices to choose from. I never played soccer in my life and when I came to this school the coaches were very welcoming and I ended up playing varsity all four years. The student/teacher ratio is about 20:1. They prepare the students for the outside world and what to expect when we are on our own. For example our Pre-Calculus class does a finance project where we basically have to choose a career and basically live out our life on that career. If I could do it all over again I would choose this school because compared to my friends at other schools I will have an advantage to college classes considering the classes here are all college prep.
I would never recommend this school to anyone that wants to be treated with respect and fairly. This school runs on fear and money. The students do not matter if they are not in the "in group." If you do not kiss up to who is in control of sports you will not play no matter how good you are. They are being investigated right now for Title IX violations. The coach has been fired and rehired and now once again not hired. Parents with money can over ride any administrative decisions and be made to look like fools in front of students and parents.
Lots of clubs and organizations are available to students. Some take place at the school during lunch hours or after school, but others are community outreach programs that happen off campus.
I felt adequately prepared for most of the colleges and universities that I applied to. I was accepted into a very competitive school, and I believe that Loyola played a significant role in that both in and outside of the classroom.
You have to be really academically focused to go to this school. They allow kids in that want o be challenged.
Teacher at Loyola are top notch. They genuinely care about students education, and spiritual well being. My daughter struggled with math and the teachers were always available to assist outside the class room. The student instructor ratio is purposely low for a positive, quality educational experience for each student.
Focus on student having success in the college search, scholarship application, admission help, etc.
There were a number of opportunities for extracurricular activities but because it is a small school the variety is somewhat limited. Most play some kind of sport and many participate in the Speech and Debate, school holds national record for 30 years of consecutive State wins.
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Most of the student who attend Loyola come over from St Joseph Elementary and Middle School where a school uniform is required attire. Loyola students only have to wear a uniform on days they attend Mass. General attire is required to be modest, no sweats, etc.. The staff is all very involved in the day to day workings of the school, they take pride in knowing they are educating and mentoring our future leaders.
Athletics is somewhat important, the great thing is that most the top athletes are also on the Speech and Debate Team!
Each class is molded into a team. The school does class retreats for each grade where they discuss multiple topics to create empathy, understanding and acceptance of fellow classmates. The kids celebrate each others successes and support each other when needed. I have never heard of any bullying at this school. The safety measures were somewhat lax, but everyone knew who should be in the building and who should not. There has not been any issues that I know of due to these policies.
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