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Loyola is a great school across the board. The teachers really care about us and want us to succeed. The counselors take the time to get to know us on a personal level and help us do our best. Our athletic programs are great, producing championship team upon championship team. The security guards are super nice and caring. The campus looks like a small college and the brotherhood concept really is present at Loyola.
Loyola High School is an amazing school with amazing teachers and staff. Students are prepared to take on college and become successful men.
I have had a great experience here: Great teachers, helpful counselors, and rigorous coursework that has prepared me well.
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Loyola develops the person fully. It develops boys into young men prepared to take on any college or job in the future. It provides young men with a vast alumni network that spans around the world. Loyola's saying "Men For and With Others" exemplifies its commitment to helping others.
We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience at Loyola. The overall attention to detail, academics and diversity are definitely top-notch.
Loyola is really a great place to learn, grow and developed lifelong friendships.
I graduated 2 Years ago and when they say it sets you up for success in life it really does. Even though some of the teachings they emphasize seem pointless, they are truly invaluable to the formation of you as a person. I feel like the skills I learned at Loyola made me into the person that I am today
I graduated around 5 years ago, and I'm currently pursuing nursing. I enjoyed my time at Loyola, and I'm proud to call myself an alumnus. The brotherhood that is curated and encouraged really brings an increased sense of unity, the teachers are very passionate about their careers, the staff ensure students are safe and well cared for, and the campus is updated with new technology. There are plenty of clubs and activities for every student, from campus ministry to sports, writing clubs to Model UN, Speech and debate to theater. There is a place for everyone at Loyola. School dances and social gatherings are very enjoyable; the first dance of the year is always off the chains! Proud to be a Loyola grad! #C4L
Loyola High School provides boys with a holistic education for the mind, body and spirit. It is academically rigorous. There is focus on being a gentleman (Health is even required in Frosh year). And as a Jesuit school there is much reflection. It’s an incredible experience.
Great school and they prepare the students for college very well. However, they aren't in a good neighborhood. But the students are polite and become great men
This school is rigorous in all aspects. They enforce a holistic approach in education. It is not all studies but also looking at what the students can contribute to society: Men for Others.
I am a current sophomore at Loyola, and I am happy to say this school has reached my expectations superbly. Our school school community of brotherhood, which allows you to connect with every student on campus. I have received a very rigorous academic challenge from Loyola with the balance of a healthy, supportive community. Every teacher at Loyola wants for their students to do well and will continuously provide extra help if needed. I have enjoyed my time at Loyola, and I hope you enjoy it too!
I liked Loyola High School because the environment supported service and academics. Loyola High School provides a wide array of clubs and sports. In addition, Loyola promotes brotherhood and empathy, and at the same time, develops one into a leader in a day-to-day society.
what's the use of spending all that money if the top 5% can't get into even the low-tiered UC schools?
What I like about this school is that the community is so hospitable and welcoming to a variety of different ethnic minorities. It is odd to me that this school isn’t ranked higher on the list though, considering it’s academic rigor and sense of community and Christian values.
Loyola High School is an excellent place for a young man transitioning from middle school to an individual who has to be ready for the world in front of him. Being taught everything from the importance of family through the all-around brotherhood, to being ready for college, Loyola High School made me the person I am today.
My son is only 1 semester into Loyola, but we couldn't be more pleased. Loyola is everything they say it is and more; it has truly inspired our son to be a "Man for Others" (the school's motto) while challenging him academically and enriching his co-curriculars and sports. Loyola sends a clear message to its students to believe in themselves and their abilities. I feel like Loyola is almost a third parent, sharing the responsibilities of our son's formation. It is a big relief to have the sense, after many years at public school, that everyone at Loyola is in our son's corner, has faith in him, and only wants to see him succeed. Loyola's school culture in this regard is phenomenal. It is supportive, non-competitive and there is a sense of brotherhood among students. We aren't Catholic like the majority, but we feel very comfortable at Loyola and have great respect for the Jesuits. We feel extremely lucky our son was accepted to Loyola.
I am currently a Junior at Loyola High School. There is no word that can describe how grateful I am for Loyola since it has taught me to become a man not only for but also with others. Thank you, Loyola!
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Classes taught by a variety of teachers from different backgrounds. Not extremely diverse, but still introduces new perspectives through a multitude of backgrounds. More resources available than the typical school. Great place to make connections and most of all, great friendships.
Amazing school. Loyola truly develops its students into independent, capable, and resilient young men. Loyola students learn to deal with the ups and downs of life and come out as better people. Loyola has great academics, counseling programs, extracurricular clubs, and, of course, athletics. Loyola has lots of socio-economic, ethnic, and political diversity, making it a place where people from all kinds of backgrounds can become life-long friends.
I had an excellent high school experience thanks to Loyola. I not only got an amazing education, but I learned what it meant to be a true man for and with others. I learned to not only focus my attention of myself, but to helps others in need. I will never forget all the opportunities Loyola has given me.
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