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The academics are rigorous and thought provoking. Aligned with state and district core curriculum standards but delivered in a way all students can understand the concepts. The classes are small, which ensures the students are receiving one on one, direct instruction from every teacher. The teachers and guidance counselors really care about the students and are always available to support students when they are in need. Although Loyola is an all boys school and being involved in sports is a good outlet, the primary focus is education. Because Loyola is an all male high school, the brotherhood unmatched. Like a fraternity, we share more than of ourselves. We look to our brothers for support when in need, academically or if we have problem in our personal lives. There is always someone to confide in and this is why Loyola High School was the best school for me.
Loyola High School in Detroit is a private, Catholic School of the Archdiocese of Detroit. It is doing an excellent job at preparing my senior for college, in addition to exposing him to a variety of career options. My senior has been on the basketball team where he is receiving exposure from different college scouts as well. Overall, if your student is an athlete, thrives in a small school setting, and will benefit from one-on-one instruction, I'd recommend Loyola High School in Detroit!
Loyola high school is probably one of the best private schools there is. Going there will change you into a man for others and give you chances other schools won't . The teachers and the staff will do anything to help you succeed. And because of the family environment it is like a home away from home
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Mainly as a student within the bounds of loyola it has been a steady trip. Especially in terms of academics, and athletics, the faculty isn't much but with only 150 students you really don't need that much space. The ratio of students to teachers is 10:1 so you cant really be "another" face in the crowd even if you wanted to. The teachers make it their job not to "teach" but make sure you can teach yourself.
Loyola High School has help me become not only a great athlete, but an even better man. They offer summer employment for the students and alum. The class sizes are small so there is more one on one time with the teachers. Also the school has a mandatory study hall for the entire school.
Loyola high school is a very small school that focuses on being able to help every student. To reach that goal there are very small class sizes and that allows the teacher to help a lot more than they would at a public school. Loyola is like a family everyone knows each other and really allows students to bond and become good friends. The education provided at the school is decent but I do feel like I'm being prepared for college. I strongly believe that the things I have learned at Loyola will be helpful once I graduate and move on to my next level of education.
There are many dedicated and experienced and qualified teachers at Loyola High School. I would recommend a larger choice for Alexis. I would also like to see more computerized assignments homeworks exams with computer deadlines for college preparation.
The teachers do a wonderful job when it comes down to teaching the students. They make sure everyone is fully aware to what is going on. They're always looking to help us for our future. They're truly amazing.
The school is an old building but is in still good shape. It supplies the things we need. It might not have everything we want but it does supply us with everything we need.
Our school is safe. There are rarely fights.
The adults at the school really care for the students. You're able to have great relationships with your teachers. It has a family enviornment.
The extra activites are good. The Debate program is good and so is the Football program. The Basketball program is pretty good too. We just need more extracurricular activites.
You come in to take the test to see if you get accepted. The next step is the shadow day where you follow someone from the school for a day to see if you like it.
very nasty the only way it would be worst is if they didn't give us anything
they don't make a lot of money but they always go above and beyond to help the students succeed
the football team just won a state title in 2014
the students classes are chose for them, scheduling is up to the staff.
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there are some teachers who are great, though the control of the classrooms are very poor. the other teacher must be re evaluated inorder to give the students the best quality of learning.
it is important for this school to keep enrollment up.
overall, these subject is in need for an overhaul.
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