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Loyola College Preparatory High School Reviews

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I loved how the people at Loyola College Prep personally care for and about you. It’s a giant family.
Honestly the best private school in Shreveport, they offer many challenging courses, including honors, duel enrollment, and AP classes. They have a bustling student life compared to the size of the school with many different clubs and sports that anyone can get involved in.
Loyola is a great school where everyone is involved in numerous activities and it feels like one big family. I highly recommend it to everyone.
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Unlike other high schools, Loyola helps each student every step of the way as they prepare for college. There mission is to make sure that no student feels that they cannot succeed. I wouldn't change my experience at Loyola for the world.
Loyola offers an amazing faith based curriculum which not only prepares a student for college but also for everyday life in the real world. Teachers at Loyola genuinely care about the subject matter and whether or not the students are learning.
I liked the education that I have received and it helped me prepare for college. I would like to see the facilities renovated as they are very old.
I went here for two years and it is a very inclusive community. It’s a smaller school and the facilities are small . But the connection you have with your teachers is amazing. Diversity wise it’s bad. It has to be 95% white so you can’t take that how you like. As a recent student I will say it’s not easy for a minority you definitely gotta find your place
I absolutely love Loyola and wish I had another 4 years there! The teachers are so helpful and everyone is so nice! I wouldn’t change my loyola experience for anything!
My experience was fairly ok throughout my four years. I did enjoy the athletic aspect of Loyola. Football made my highschool years fun.
I liked that all the teachers were always there to help you either before or after school. The school helped me prepare for college and apply to different colleges.
I love the education there, I do really think they have prepared me for college. I don’t think some of the teachers qualify, but a majority of schools have those kind of teachers. It’s a small school of ~400 students and . Loyola provides Catholic education. The only big complaint I have was the actually school, it is a bit run down. All the years I was there, it looked like the school spent their money on the wrong things. Of course they were for the better of the school, but the roof leaks into a few rooms when it rains I’d think the condition of the building is a top priority. Overall, it is a great school :)
I love the academics and team spirit of this school. It is small enough to know everyone and be close to your class, but big enough to spread out and express yourself. I feel like choosing Loyola as my high school has well prepared me for college life and my future.
Loyola College Prep provided me with a great foundation not only for college and life, but also my faith.
The academics live up to their promise and they offer a lot of extracurricular activities and make sure you are involved in your community.
Loyola excels in the academic real and has an abundance of sports and clubs that everyone is encouraged to join. Community and religion are great aspects of the Loyola family as well. Unfortunately, some of the people in charge of Loyola are more concerned about a child chewing gum or wearing inappropriate socks more than a child who cheats constantly on exams. Some of the faculties priorities are a little out of place, but other than that great school.
Loyola is an okay school, but not the best one I've been to. The building was very old and in desperate need of renovation, Wi-Fi was always slow, the school would always ask for money at the last minute, and most of the faculty, with the exception of a few good members, mainly cared more about the image of the school and themselves rather than trying to help the students succeed.
Loyola was the best experience of my life! I learned so much and was able to achieve what I needed to in life. They got me ready for college and the ACT. Loyola is the best money can buy. They keep you involved and never make you feel left out.
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Loyola was an excellent school preparing me for college along with providing me a safe environment to learn. I made many friends and loved the sports programs.
It's a very hands-on experience where teachers are always willing to help the students. In the future, I would like to see Loyola College Prep create a better culture of a student spirited atmosphere, and be more appealing to a diverse student body.
The teachers and faculty at Loyola are the best of the best! During my time there, I received the best education, which has prepared me well for college. Teachers are considerate of their students and sincerely want what is best for their students. There are many ways to get involved in the school. Volunteer opportunities are endless!
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