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Loyola Catholic School Preschool Reviews

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I went into high school completely unprepared. I was behind in most everything. The only thing that caught me up was the amazing teachers I had at my college prep school. The teachers here are not good and do not care enough about teaching students as much as they should. There's always a couple good teachers here and there, but for the most part, they were not good at their job. I was bullied here, so bad to the point that my family moved to another state. I had things thrown at me and a cut on my leg from students. Administration did nothing about it either. They did nothing because the students bullying me had money and paid full tuition. I think this was utterly ridiculous because I paid full tuition as well, but they didn't want to lose any money. This school completely made part of my childhood awful. I recommend going to another city to send your child to a different private school.
Bullying goes on so much in the school, it's unbelievable.
The teachers and subjects are very favourable; they are kind, will talk if need, and teach quite well. The students, however, are very rude and will be defiant to the teachers and will rudely talk about other students, and the teachers don't give consequences for this.
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Many teachers there are laidback, which allows the students to be able to feel comfortable with the teachers. Some teachers are lazy in updating grades on EdEdge, is a very big problem for parents. Teachers should be able to add more engaging activities in their classrooms.
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