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Loyola Catholic School Reviews

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Great school, hard to beat both the one on one ability they have to give the kids and the great results they get in high school with scholarships and great ACT results.
The small community provides hands-on learning and care from teachers and staff. The pillar of service here helps me maintain my duty to help others in need.
It is an amazing school and the teachers care for their students. The students are all so close because there are not many students.
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Loyola is a great school if you're looking for an environment that feels safe and teachers that genuinely care about their students. Most classes are very small and you're almost always able to get all the help you might need. The small size of the school leads to particularly well knit communities within grades and across the school, which can be both good and bad.
I appreciated that the classes were small so it was easy to get extra help if you needed it. Everyone knew everyone and that allowed my grade specifically to feel like a family.
I love Loyola and the inviting academic school. The teachers are amazing and helpful. Students balance work and other activities and sports, including Basketball, Cross Country, Track, baseball, Volleyball, and many more.
The school has amazing food, great opportunities and everyone is helped and no one is left behind. Life at Loyola is perfect and there are never altercations between students. I really enjoy this school.Amazing program! The best way to reinforce great values, manners, and academic growth in Mankato & its surrounding area!
At Loyola, wealth definitely is a divider amongst the students because the more wealthy parents get together and plan events. However, the students of the parents who aren't as fortunate are often left out of get-togethers and social events. Loyola is not very welcoming to newcomers unless you fit a certain demographic.
I have been going to Loyola since I was in second grade, overall it is a very good school. There are some things though that need to change. Like the teachers are great, but the way they teach is not the best. I am a senior and this year has been pointless because I have not learned anything and I never do anything in school so I just sit here. Athletics here are not the greatest this is due to the dropping number of students. Even though there are things that need to change I do feel very prepared for the next step which is college.
I transferred to Loyola at the beginning of my Junior year and they welcomed me like family. I love it here :)
I have been going to Loyola since kindergarten and I do not regret going here at all. We all are so close it's like having a second family, the teachers and other faculty are there for everyone. The sports programs have been amazing ever since I started playing them in fourth grade. But now we are losing so many coaches and teaching staff because they are retiring or budget cuts I think that Loyola is going downhill for sure. The tuition has gone up a couple thousand dollars and besides the closeness with all the students and staff nothing extra special really happens there.
Loyola Catholic School : An extended family, a home away from home. Loyola offers its students a nurturing, dynamic, challenging atmosphere.Students are taught to serve the needs of others while attending this school. Both my son (graduated 2016) and daughter (a current senior) were given the opportunity to grow and learn while attending. LCS fosters students to be independent thinkers and because of its small class size, teens are able to take part in a vast number of extracurricular activities of a wide range. The teachers, administrators and coaches encourage individual expression and help shape these young people into strong, intelligent adults. A basis of faith encompasses all activities at Loyola. I am proud of my Alum and current senior attending the high school. LCS provides an exceptional education. The community service that accompanies their attendance has taught them to be public servants to people in the community.
Loyola Catholic School has been my home since 6th grade. This school has it's ups and downs, but it keeps the family connected, and safe. It may not have the best reviews, but a family never lets each other down. I have had an amazing time at Loyola and I would never change my years being here.
There are many great clubs and activities students can be a part of. Every student is in at least one club or activity.
This school is truly a community based school. They are more of a family then just another group of students.
Teachers go above and beyond to help struggling students. Every voice is heard in the classroom, and you are provided with a welcoming and challenging environment.
Our school is working to be more accepting of others which is why one of our teachers is attempting to create an Anti-Bullying Club. This is so our school can be more willing to help others who need it and create a peaceful environment for all students.
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There are a variety of extracurricular opportunities at Loyola. I am able to participate in multiple activities and everyone is very accepting and helpful in each activity. The types of clubs and activities include Key Club, Fair Trade, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Girl's Club, Choir, Band, Project for Teens, Student Council, Soccer, Football, Cross-Country, Track and Field, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, and Golf.
I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because it truly has shaped me into the person I am today. It has helped me become more outgoing and encouraged me to try new things. It has taught me what it means to be a great student and teammate. I have been able to participate in various activities such as One Act, Choir, Fair Trade, Speech, Key Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Soccer, Track, and the school plays. It has helped me to be able to discover my passions and speak my mind.
The teachers are dedicated to helping the students grow as individuals in their academics, athletics, interests, and relationships with others. They encourage their students to be well-rounded citizens and to stick up for what they believe in. It is a Catholic school and the teachers encourage us to be images of God and to be accepting of others. The teachers are there to help us figure out our dreams and help us achieve them.
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