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Do not expect not to work at Loyola. After taking classes here, my first classes at college were easy. (So far). There is legacy bias in the school. They will make teams that they do not deserve to make. The school is not too diverse. They do not lower their standards just to get numbers up unless you are a legacy or go to the middle school, and even then there have people who were asked to leave for academic reasons. There are some really great teachers who know their stuff and teach at grad level. Everyone is heard. School admin and most faculty leans left, but student body is right, but that did not stop people from speaking their minds with confidence. For a Jesuit school, the Catholic scandals were still discussed openly.
This a great school. The faculty and administration care so much about the boys. In this time of pandemic distance learning, the efforts the teachers go to to stay connected to the kids is outstanding. I know the boys miss being there with their "brothers" and teachers, but we feel the school is doing everything they can to keep the students engaged, enriched and safe. We highly recommend it. A true sense of brotherhood there!
I have loved my time at Loyola Blakefield. It is sad that we cannot be there right now due to this virus, but my time their was and always will be valued. The academics challenged me, but made me smarter. The brotherhood was the best part. Everyone there will always be my brothers and everyone has made me a better man.
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This Place was my home away from home. I will forever be thankful for the men I went to school with and the lessons I learned at Loyola. I would not have changed a thing (except the outcomes of the Turkeybowls).
My experience at Loyola has been interesting there have been many ups but also many downs if you are a young black male looking to go to Loyola trust me I am a young black male at Loyola it will be ruff at times but just try to push through and never look in the past.
Loyola Blakefield is arguably the best Catholic all-boys high school in the Baltimore area. Throughout my time at Blakefield, I have formed countless relationships with teachers and fellow students. In addition, I have become an independent and effective learner through the rigorous, yet rewarding course work.
I enjoyed the learning experience and the other students. Meeting/making new friends. Having the chance to do service projects.
Great academically. Far from my home. Small school. Very cliquish. Is very expensive and sometimes has hidden fees that were not discussed in the begging. Tend to play favorites with those parents that can afford to donate more.
I loved the support that we gave each other throughout my time at Blakefield. The teachers were very supportive as well as the administration. I have made life long friends at Blakefield and I am so glad I chose to go there.
We have three sons who are Loyola Dons (one graduated in 2018 and two are currently attending) and we couldn’t be more happy with the school! Loyola “gets boys”. The faculty, administration, and staff strive to create a culture for learning where each boy is encouraged to stretch his limits and grow into the best version of himself academically, spiritually, and athletically. They become Men for Others who leave Loyola prepared to make a difference in the world.
I love how there is a sense of community and school spirit. Everyone in the Loyola community cares for each other.
I love Loyola. There is so many sports, clubs, classes, and opportunities for students. I am involved in multiple clubs and activities. I am heavily involved in the theatre program through acting, production, tech, and management. I joined the American Politica club this year. I am active in the Speech and Debate program. I also play drums for the school’s Jazz Ensemble and Concert Band. I enjoy meeting/have met new friends and friends for life. The academics are great and the curriculum is great. If I need help, I have teachers, counselors, and other students as resources. This is my 4th year as a student at Loyola and I love it!
Being a Loyola Blakefield student, I have had the opportunity to develop my talents, to grow emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually, as well as intellectually. It has taught me to think creatively, critically, logically, and analytically. It has taught me to develop the courage and confidence to think and speak independently. Interacting with students of every race and nationality, I have learned to respect diversity and appreciate the talents of my fellow classmates. We have developed a wonderful bond of friendship and brotherhood that will last a lifetime. As a Senior, I feel confident and ready to move forward with my education so as to make a lasting impact in my field of study.
I watched my son change from a boy to a responsible hard working dedicated young man. My son enjoyed his 4 years at Loyola being involved in sports and other school activities. The school prepared us for the transition from High School to College.
Loyola fostered my mind, body, and spirit. Academics are important at Loyola, and are very rigorous, but flexible. Loyola teaches students about spirituality so students think about purpose. I enjoy the intimate and spiritual environment at Loyola.
I have had an amazing experience at Loyola. The school prepares you academically to be able to test well. In addition, I believe the motto men for others has propelled me into the young man I am today. It's not just one teacher but rather a collective group of people who have inspired me to continue my education.
Great Place everyone is nice and it really is what you make it. You have the chance to do whatever you want and choose to excel in. Teachers are always available to help and coaches are great. Administration can be overbearing bu they care about the students.
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My experience at Loyola so far this year has been amazing. I am meeting a ton of different people and am fitting in with everyone. I play football for the school and that was also an amazing time. I love my school and I hope that it will help prepare me for collage.
What I like about Loyola is the service opportunities that come with being here. I believe that by Loyola providing it's student with community service opportunities that it gives them a chance to widen their eyes to a new world. I would like to see the diversity in Loyola change because the minority population in the school haven't had a voice.
Great School! My son started in ninth grade last year. He made friends quickly and by the end of the year told me that there was no one in his grade who he did not like. I think this is because of the sense of community the school instills in its students. Loyola also offers something for everyone. Since my son is not a big athlete, I had some concern about his attending it since it has competitive sport programs. I did not want him to feel excluded since he was not interested in participating on any of its teams. However, my concerns were quickly put to rest by how easily he assimilated into the school culture and how found his niche in its Cyber security club. Academically, Loyola is challenging and there is a strong emphasis on preparing its students for College. In short, after one year at Loyola I have seen my son grow tremendously and for the first time he likes going to school.
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