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My experience at Loyola Academy was fantastic—I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Great academics and great sports.
The rambler community is a positive environment where we are all taught to be a man and woman for others. Teachers are respectful and care for their students deeply.
Really caring faculty! Outreach programs to encourage diversity both racially and economically. Cool to see kids from all over the Chicago land area come together.
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My son and daughter currently attend Loyola Academy. Both of my kids have mentioned many times how much they enjoy the academic, social, athletic, service and spiritual experience at LA. We couldn't be more impressed with the teachers, staff, and coaches. My wife and I both agree that sending our children to Loyola Academy was a great decision.
Going to Loyola Academy ensured that I was academically, physically, and emotionally stable. The school focuses on making sure that every single student has a healthy lifestyle and will have a supportive future. The school itself has many positive and negative ideas and judgement's around it. As a colored person I can say that although there was a very small population of minority students, Loyola Academy did everything they could in order to make sure that I did not feel like an outsider. What ensured it is not by letting it stay "color-blind" but instead by accepting my culture and making me feel like my unique culture was a part of their widespread community.
I loved my four years at Loyola Academy. From my first fall quarter, I found that I was welcomed with open arms and Was quickly warmed up to the high school experience. Through the years, I have had the privilege of making lifelong friends and having unforgettable teachers. I will never forget my summer service project or any of my teammates and peers from clubs and athletics. The one thing I will say to anyone considering Loyola is that getting involved in something, anything, right away is such a big boost socially. Try something new! Just know these four years are special and I’m sad to see them come to an end but I am prepared and ready for life in college.
It’s a fun experienced and I enjoyed the 4 years. The school is really all that diverse but it’s making an effort which is respectable. Most people in the school are friendly and you just have to open up and be willing to accept others for who they ought to become.
Great teachers and fun community. Amazing service program too! Definelty easy to get involved and join sports.
I transferred to Loyola Academy and they provided the utmost support for me. One of the best resources was the counseling department. They helped me make good decisions when it came to choosing my college and were consistent with checking up on me. Loyola Academy is an amazing school with respectful and supportive students, staff, and faculty.
A great school for both academics and athletics, but unfortunately does not offer much accessibility in the arts and music fields. Although it has little diversity, Loyola offers several cultural clubs and works to engage students into a multicultural setting. Many of the teachers are great, while some are not as great. Overall, I love Loyola Academy and would recommend it to people looking for a college rigor, engaged high school experience.
Loyola Academy takes their academics pretty seriously. The atmosphere is very competitive, which can have both pros and cons. Because of the competitiveness, I made sure I did well in school, however there is tension between the students that can become created because of it. The school is very supportive and makes sure to give resources to the students, this can be based on academics, such as writing math, but they also focus on the students outside school life. As a student of color, however, I would rather like to see a difference in how they handle conversations of race. Those students who are part of these conversations are almost only poc, which is something that should be worked on. The school does, however, work on the importance of service and being a person for others.
I liked that the faculty and staff are always advocating for the students and they all want the best for us, and they want us to reach our full potential after high school. I believe that Loyola could be a little more inclusive towards people of other ethnicities to enrich their school culture and diversity.
I absolutely love Loyola Academy. I have loved the time I spent at the academy and will forever cherish the experience
I have enjoyed my time at Loyola Academy and value the variety of res our es available to me at the school. I feel well-prepared for college and have grown as both a student and individual because of this school.
I have been at my current high school since 2016, and I have seen it go through a lot of changes already throughout the years. My parents had the intention of sending me to a school that would prepare me for the life of a college student, being away from home, making my own decisions, and discovering who I are on my own with the tools I acquired throughout childhood and from from them raising you until the age of 18. I feel as if the majority of the kids that I have gone to school with and formed relationships with think that this is just any other high school. Many of the students including most of my friends have had prior exposure to a private education from grades Pre-K to 8th grade, and we don't think much of it. However, what we don't realize that even though it is difficult to meet the standards of Loyola Academy's rigorous curriculum is that our own teachers, guidance and college counselors, and parents have prepared us for the rest of our lives after becoming adults.
I love Loyola and I love the Jesuit education. I was meeting with my college counselor and she was like do you realize every school on your list is Jesuit… and I was like yeah that’s not a coincidence. I want to find a school that is just like Loyola Academy. I think I didn’t realize how much I loved Loyola until I really got involved and I look back at my freshman year and think why did I wait until sophomore/junior year to get involved like why didn’t I just drop in ministry or why did I wait to join debate team… being involved is so easy at Loyola and makes the experience so beneficial.
Amazing exspirance. Through the coursework and amazing counseling resources Loyola has given me a great push in the right direction to be prepared for college.
My across the board 4,5 star ratings do really reflect the amazing place that is Loyola Academy. Loyola does really have it all.
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I enjoyed my four years while at Loyola Academy. I especially enjoyed the sense of community and I feel I am well prepared for college. I appreciate the Jesuit education that I received. Some of the sports programs could be better, the coaches should be more role models and provide better training to compete with the local schools. Not many kids signed ay colleges.
Great school with a lot to offer. Wonderful communicator and educators. Spiritual experience. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get involved in multiple activities. Academics are challenging and teaching staff are top notch.
The teachers, staff, and resources are great. The Loyola community is truly unmatchable. Students and alumni don their maroon and gold with pride.
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