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I have enjoyed Loyd Star! I have been a student since K-5 and will graduate from my senior year on May 15, 2020. It has been a wonderful experience to live in a small community where people matter.
I wish there would have been more options in academic classes. However, I did enjoy the classes I was enrolled in throughout high school and got something out of most of them. I think if there were more choices for classes then then school’s average grade would increase.
Both my parents graduated from Loyd Star and it is home to me. It is an excellent school with a awesome atmosphere of love, support, academics, sports, and family. I will be a proud graduate of the Loyd Star Hornet 2019 class!
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I have enjoyed my overall experience at Loyd Star Attendance Center because it is a smaller school, although there still is some diversity among students. I have attended ten years there so there is a familiarity among students as well as teachers, who often treat us like we are their own children. I believe this fosters personal growth through gaining confidence in who we are as people, with role models we become bonded with long term and who discipline with a spirit of love. I would recommend adding to resources through more up to date materials such as textbooks and library resources. If I had to change one aspect, I would do more fundraising in order to upgrade classrooms with necessary materials in order to improve the education process.
I love the sports, but I'd like to see everyone get a chance to play in every game. I don't like seeing the same people play all game every game.
I loved most of the teachers but the bullying really needs to be changed. I was a senior and graduated May 2016 and I was always bullied. My son now attends Kindergarten and I pray he does not get bullied like I was..
I spent thirteen years at the Loyd Star School. My education was unbelievable how they teach so well with nice, friendly, and tutoring opportunities when you don't understand something. I loved the the teachers, lunches, and the special sports or group activities. The only thing needed to be worked on is the student counselor and the bullies.
My time at Loyd Star school was very fulfilling and enjoyable. I was very involved at my school and enjoyed all of the extra curriculars I was involved in. The band program was amazing, and I also played softball. Our softball program was very good as well.
My personal experience with Loyd Star School , was not the best the school does not really get anyone ready for collge ,and does not offer a lot of advance course either. The school is ok overall but it does need improvement to help prepare students ,for the future.
this school will make you feel very safe and secure
they have a variety of great things to do
I love everything about my high school
the teachers at my school are very knowledgeable and will go out of their way to help you succeed
I think as long as you are active in the school, your children do fine. If you are not an active parent, not so good.
I think they try, but not enough is done to protect the ones who are vulnerable.
Although they do not offer everything they could, they do offer alot. They have Beta club, FFA, FCA, and student council. They offer baseball, football, basketball, tennis, soccer and golf. They also have band, cross country, fast pitch softball, cheerleading and pee wee sports.
My children attended this school from kindergarten through 12th grade. Although they are a close knit school, I believe there is just not enough accountability, for the children's actions or the teachers. I just don't believe my children have received the best education they could have.
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The academics offered here are a wide range of courses. Students can take calculus to shop to jazz band to archery to a foreign language. Some honors class have a prerequistites for entry. If a student needs help, the teachers are willing to work with them.
Our school has a different extracurriculars activities. From student government to choir. BETA club is for honor students. We also have a club for our future farmers.
The building and campus is always kept neat. The class room size is small which is great because the teacher can help a student in need. The teachers are willing to work with the students only if the students are trying their best. It is a laid back school. Everyone knows everyone. The school offers a wide range of courses for the students. Over all it is a great school.
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