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Small school so I enjoyed that the teachers were able to give one on one attention but there was also a lot of activities that were not available to us.
Loyalton High School has a great atmosphere to it. The students and the teachers all have good relationships with each other, creating a good learning environment for everyone. The students have good communication with each other and help each other out with homework they are stuck on. The one thing I would change about Loyalton High is the diversity of the students. We’re a school full of white kids because everyone in the valley is white but it would be better for the school and students to have a better understanding of other cultures.
I have enjoyed the positive atmosphere that we have at Loyalton High School. We are a close knit community and have a wonderful support system. It has had a very positive impact on my life. I appreciate all the opportunities that Loyalton High School has provided for me.
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I like this school, there is nothing wrong with the education system or the teachers, but this school has no clubs, which really saddens me. I believe they should invest in the time to make 4-5 after school clubs for students to enjoy, such as dance, chess, and a new language. Other then this fact, I think this school is pretty alright.
The best thing about our school is that everyone knows each other, including our teachers. They become your second family and that can be wonderful sometimes. But every one knows your business and that sucks. Also when rumors are spread they spread. Within one day the whole school and half the town would know about it. The smallness is bad when you try to keep to yourself. The teachers are great. They always take the time to help you with whatever you need because they want you to succeed in school and in life.
This school is great education wise, but as far as the small town mentality and people constantly getting in your life its annoying.
My overall experience at Loyalton High School was amazing. I can honestly say that I learned so much from every teacher and felt like they were all on my side ready to help me when ever I needed it. The support system at this school is un-explainable. Not only are there teachers there for you all the time but you also have the support of not all but most parents that are very involved in their child's life or just involved in making the school become better. Another amazing thing about this school would be that kids have support from not only parents and staff but we had a great Associated Student Body team this year who helped kids feel like they mattered. I was the treasurer and decided that seeing kids hurt was not okay anymore. I decided with the help and support of my team to start what we call the "Buddy System", which pairs classes together and each upper class man boy and girl would get anywhere from two to three buddies depending on the class sizes. We would than plan rally's where we would do activities with our buddies and compete with other classes. We also did a lot of bonding so that the younger kids felt comfortable with the older kids and felt okay to talk to them. Our theme for this school tear was HOME which was portrayed in so many ways, and the buddy system was just a small one. Our goal was to make people feel welcome and equal, and we succeeded.
The bullying here is very little but when it does happen the teachers will provide a meeting place with the victim and the bully and will find a way to solve the problem in a calm and collected manner. There is also no gang violence here.
The cafeteria here is excellent and offers different choices in food and also offer a salad bar every day for all students.
The principal will deal with students that are repeatedly rude to the teachers and either suspend or give them a detention based on the severity of the action.
A lot of students participate in sports but the school spirit is not the greatest. Many students do not come to games unless they have a friend playing or have a group of friends going as well. The fans that do come support the players.
The teachers make sure that all students learn the material and understand it.
They are highly important here and are enjoyed.
Parent involvement is good especially during sports. School buildings are old but can be improved in areas. The guidance and student counselors are very helpful and want every student to succeed. The technology used is about average but still help us learn. Busing is shared between the elementary school, middle school, and the high school due to living in a small community. College prep resources are wonderful and are available to any student who needs help. Students and Teachers are willing to tutor any other student in need of help with a particular subject.
The teachers are great here, they are friendly and want their students to know the material in which they teach. Each have a similar yet different style of teaching, some relaxed and some stricter than others. The teachers at Loyalton High form close relationships with the students they teach or help. They also enjoy knowing that their students have high goals and want to go to college. Along with knowing the backgrounds of the students and what they like to do outside of school.
Most of the teachers teach more than one type of class. There are AP courses and online courses available to the students. We use the block schedule and attend four, one hour and a half long classes a day. We also have eight different classes and they are split into A and B days, and are switched back and fourth everyday monday thru friday. Homework is increased too.
At least half of the students who play in sports. The teams are average, and our weight room is a few years out of date but still get the job done. School spirit varies with the sports that are being played. Fan support is usually good with most of the sports except maybe in Softball and Track and Field. Having a small school, we have to play in the lowest division and can play only 8-man football rather than 11-man.
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My experience at Loyalton High has been a great experience. Class sizes are small, which allows you to form a strong relationship with the teachers. There aren't as many courses available as a bigger school. The uniqueness is unforgettable because in my high school you get to know everyone from every student to every staff member. If I could repeat high school again, I would attend LHS because it is a good experience and of course you will have your good and bad days and teachers too. You are able to gain a relationship with both the school community and the society that surrounds the school.
The culture is very diverse and every point of view is respected. There isn't much peer pressure but the acceptance rate is high due to attending a high school of hardly 120 students. All is viewed as one big family no matter the race or sexual views.
Attendance and dress code is about average, there are the people who are the typical slackers and the ones who simply don't care. Bullying is not a big problem because our school is like a family we have our ups and downs but other than that we get along pretty good. Controversy and racial discrimination is low and we just have the typical everyday drama. Our principle tries to get involved but she fails to stand here ground when it comes to discipline.
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