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Loyalsock Township Senior High School Reviews

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I loved how much the school counselors cared about students, and they made an amazing effort to put students into the right classes. Teachers also show their knowledge of the material very well, and they do their best to help their students. There is also a large number of activities and extra-curricular activities for students.
People say they can’t wait to graduate but Loyalsock makes you feel like a family and somewhere that is safe and fun. There is many different experiences throughout senior year and also throughout high school. You need to make these years the best before going into the real world and start your life. I wouldn’t change anything about the school maybe being less on iPads and more note taking and worksheets on paper, but also it’s nice.
Loyalsock has its good and it’s bad. I attended the school from kindergarten through graduation. There are some teachers that, frankly, didn’t seem to care- and then there were those who did. And that’s what makes the difference. Those teachers had my back when I thought I would crumble under the pressure of growing up. They picked me up, dusted me off, and reminded me that I’m worth-while. Is it all butterflies and rainbows? No. But those teachers that really care are what make Loyalsock special. Teachers like Mr. Kaplan, Mrs. Wahl, Mrs. June, Mrs. Carpenter - they give their hearts to the education of Loyalsock kids. I knew a lot of nose-in-the-air, stuck up, entitled brats at Loyalsock. But I knew a lot more genuine, kind, intelligent people.
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I liked that it is a very small school which helped when I needed some one-on-one help in one of my classes. The teachers are usually very good about helping you out with whatever is needed. Also, since there isn't many students that go there, I think you get a better education since you can get so much help and you learn more. I think one thing that needs to change is they should have more teachers teaching a certain class so that more students can take that class because certain classes fill up so fast and then others don't get a chance to take that class.
While LTHS is a very small school, it is nice to be able to know most faces while walking the halls. Loyalsock creates a good atmosphere for students by having very approachable staff, and counselors who truly care about each student. The community may be small, but the local impact is huge due to almost all students being involved in at least one club or sport. I feel that the opportunities that are given to the students by the school and its extracurriculars prepare you for college and beyond.
It is a very future focused school, many teachers care for their students greatly along with teaching the content. Most math classes are geared toward learning content on the SAT and the school offer many options for students to practice for the SAT outside of the normal classes. It has been a great a experience learning at Loyalsock but soon it will come to an end since it is my senior year.
Loyalsock is an incredible high school, not only for the stellar academic opportunities, but because of the people. Every teacher, administrator, and student wants the bet for you, and that’s why I love it.
I like that we get iPads so that we don't have to carry around lots of paper, there is paper still involved but less amounts. The food in the cafeteria is really good! Food is always fresh and warm when the students walk in.
I am pretty lucky to go to Loyalsock. The teachers here are helpful when needed and try to make classes interesting. We are extremely fortunate to have access to things like iPads and Smart Boards, which allow us to learn in an environment similar to the business world we will soon enter. The opportunities at Loyalsock have really been helpful to me as well as other students.
I have attended school in the Loyalsock School District since I was in the first grade. Through my years of being here, I have noticed that this school district loves itself so much. It pays more attention to its image than its students. Students receive special treatment or benefits if they can contribute to the image Loyalsock tries to maintain. Because of this, Loyalsock cares too much about its athletes to pay attention to the scholars. Instead of celebrating the scholars and the students that attend school for knowledge and higher achievements/success, Loyalsock absolutely idolizes its athletes while the scholars are expected to maintain their grades and hard work in the shadows. The parents are extremely involved because of the sports image, and in result become too involved with what everyone else's child is doing as well.

The academics are very good with the core subjects, but electives are taken too seriously.
I enjoyed the sports at Loyalsock Township High School. Parent unfortunately were too involved and needed to let the coaches do their job. Academically, the classrooms and technology was superior to other schools in the area. The class availability was limited.
The school district has provided me with much interest in applying to college. The academics are rigorous and I loved the challenge. I am happy to be graduating shortly from here. it is a great place. I hope that the other students have enjoyed this high school as much as I have. I would like to give them one large thank you.
I found my experience to be relatively positive. It is a small school which made it easy to communicate with teachers and staff. It was also very structured and set up to get the most out of students academically. Overall, it was a very positive learning environment and a good high school for me personally.
The school has good academics, but some could be improved
We have a very clean school, with hand sanitizers everywhere
I love the sports and clubs in my school,! they are great
My past four years I have been very active in school sports, our school is all about sports and education. But I do wish we had more of a student section at some more sports.
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The teachers at Loyalsock Township High school at what they do, they do their job right. But sometimes they do not understand that not everyone works at the same pace or some need more help than others.
Because of the small size, one on one with the teachers is completely accessible. Most teachers care a lot about the kids and work hard to make our education the best it can be. There are lots of great extracurricular activities and good clubs with lots of support from parents and faculty alike, although a favoritism toward sports is clear. Most of the kids have a good family support system, strong religious beliefs, and there isn't much of a discipline problem at all - it's easy to feel safe there. Academic opportunities are a little limited simply because of the size - there are only so many teachers and so many classes, so some things you can only take online or not at all. However, overall it's a really great school and I'm grateful I'm able to go there.
Loyalsock has great sports programs, many of which make it far in district and state competitions.
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