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By being at a small school you are able to be involved in anything you want to and don't have to worry about not participating by getting cut due to too many people being interested in an activity.
Since the new food rules have been introduced it actually seems like food has gotten less healthy. Some food is good but others are just saturated with grease
Teachers are available for assistance whenever its needed and they are very pleasant about it.
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I was a bit shocked going even from a small school to a small college at how little we were taught compared to the content in classes that was supposed to be common knowledge.
The bullying in this school is supposed to be not tolerated but it happens all the time.
There are a few clubs that all you have to do is walk into a meeting and say you want participate and you're a member. All clubs have staff members as advisors and the are fairly easy to contact.
There aren't many different cultural or racial groups and we don't have the exposure that other larger schools have. When someone new does come in, students will generally be okay and friendly unless you put yourself out there as a troublemaker or snob.
The scheduling is difficult and stressful.
Some of the dress code rules are outrageous.
In my high school, I can participate in any activity.
Most of the student body does not come to games.
The food at my high school has fairly good variety.
Pros: Smart-screens in every room with many teachers making good use of them also has wi-fi throughout the entire school. We have a very good school counselor.

Cons: Building itself is very old with some areas being frighting (school cafeteria). School gets very hot during the fall/spring months. Many of thee rooms and hallways are very dark which can feel dreary at times
The supposed "health restrictions" has somehow made the quality of the food less healthy. Besides the few things that are pretty decent (pizza, others) mostly everything else is pretty terrible.
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