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Loy Norrix is an okay school. It isn't the greatest but it also isn't the worst. The morale at the school is terrible. No one truly wants to be there. The teachers care about their students which is beneficial, however the school environment itself is almost toxic.
Despite all the things that people hear and see in the media Loy norrix is a great school. It's diverse, inclusive, full of extra curricular, supportive and full of great teachers. I love Loy norrix and couldn't recommend it more.
I loved the culture and diversity at Loy Norrix. There was always a sense of community there and every day there was something new going on. There's classes available for every level ranging from strategic to AP classes all available at no cost. Teachers and staff show their love every day by trying their best to keep the students safe whule still having fun.
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I'd love my high school experience at Loy Norrix. The variety of classes you get to choose from. The dances and sporting events are fun. Having many sports to learn teamwork and independence. I hope Loy Norrix gets better at making sure their vocal about all events at Loy Norrix would be nice.
Loy Norrix did not teach me a whole lot but I did make many good friends there as well as teachers and counselors. administration is very helpful and everyone is willing to go a extra mile to help your education. I do like their peace jam program although I wasn't in it personally the idea of it is good for focusing on environmental health and people in poverty, Plus their swim club was fantastic and had a great coach. but I feel that the teachers that do go above and beyond need more recognition such as Mrs.KO
Loy Norrix High School has the most student diversity, arguably in the state of Michigan. While there are some definite issues in terms of lack of funding to update school amenities, I am proud of where I went to high school.
I like that the counselors make sure that seniors have to have a meeting to discuss what there plan and path to go down to apply for college.
The best thing about Loy Norrix is it has a bad reputation, but we all loved our in-school community so much. everyone there was accepting and the student body was incredibly diverse. teachers at Loy Norrix were always ready to help out any student who needed it, they would never let anyone be left behind.
What I Iike about Norrix is that they do their best to get kids graduated and prepared for the next step in life, especially through classes like parenting, finance, and college readiness. Some of the rules can be kind of weird, because some teachers are very strict about them and some are lenient. There are many different cultures within the school. Most of the teachers know what they are doing. There is always a police officer or two in the building along side the security guards. The school is within the area for both Kalamazoo and Portage police station. Most of the kids really enjoy their school overall and don’t understand why the public views our school poorly. Sports are pretty good except for the varsity football team (sorry guys). Students can get a little out of control with fights and not helping on the upkeep of the building, but the staff does their best to try and fix that problem. I liked the school, I just wish there was a little more control over the kids.
Life for me at Loy Norris has always been a little difficult. Since I suffer from depression and anxiety I've had to overcome obstacles in my classes. I've needed to learn techniques to help motivate myself. I've taken clubs and done musicals and have become a leader in Peacejam and now that I'm a senior I look back on what I've struggled with and I appreciate everything that Loy Norris has done for me. I wouldn't be who I am without it.
I had a rough time freshman and sophomore year and there were a lot of teachers in this building who I felt genuinely cared about me and wanted to help. We have many interesting classes and supportive adults who will help individual students toward graduating and reaching their goals. The reason I give three stars, however, is that sometimes the rules and regulations here don’t make sense and are frustrating for students. Also, many classes as well as the hallways during passing time are overcrowded which causes anxiety and in some cases aggression in lots of students. I also believe students should be allowed more time for lunch.
I loved my school. I have so much blue and white pride. My teachers were always available to me and with a majority of them I knew I could talk to them if I ever had anything personal going on. But I know that's not the case for all attending students, they feel as if they don't have someone to rely on if they needed it.
I am going into my third year as a student representing Kalamazoo Public Schools. Overall, I have met a lot of great friends, great clubs and sports and especially teachers. Loy Norrix High School really focuses on their students reaching full potential in education. In addition, to the various clubs, sports and activities Loy Norrix brings to their students. Although the school gets a bad rap about violence, etc. Loy Norrix is definitely not what people from the outside think, Loy Norrix is a safe school that has many opportunities provided for everyone to have an enjoyable high school experience.
For this being a public school, it wasn't all that bad. Yes our school may get a bad rap however, out of all the high-schools I have visited via sports or marching band it is one of the better and well rounded schools. It was very easy for me to find friends their and find people around my area I can hang out and study with. It does come with the side of mediocre food yet they have recently been stepping up their quality these past two years. The class experience along side that is very proactive from what I have experienced and friendly with teachers I may continue to talk to in the near future. For a public school it isn't as bad as everyone else sees.
Lots of diversity within the student body but very little student involvement and student spirit. The building is nice, having lots of natural light from the windows, but the bathrooms aren't always the cleanest.
Loy Norrix is a very diverse school where the sense of community is evident in the staff and students! The majority here treat each other like family! The teachers are approachable and show concern for student learning! They provide after school tutoring for students who need extra support in any academic area. I enjoy attending school and spending time with my peers! Many I have known since my freshman year! I have built trust and true friendships with some who come from different backgrounds! Loy Norrix offers a variety of classes anywhere from basic classes to Advanced Placement classes. Students have the option to join different clubs and organizations such as Forensics, Improv Team, Travel Club, U Knight, Peacejam, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, as well as many other interesting clubs and organizations! Loy Norrix is a great place to get a four year education.
Loy Norrix is a high school experience unlike any other. The school is home to people from all walks of life and is the most diverse place I have ever seen outside of college campuses. The students are all down to earth and really treat each other like a family, as well as the teachers. While it does not offer a top quality education like other schools, this school will set you up to succeed in life, not just academics.
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The teachers are really great because they try their best to make sure you get a good education. Most of my classes are interactive which is really cool. They should work on dealing with issues when it comes to racism though. I have written a few incident reports in regards to racism, yet nothing was ever done about that & that’s really aggravating especially since they try to promote the fact that our school has diversity.
I have learned and experienced so much as a student of Loy Norrix; definitely making me prepared for adult life and college. As a senior, this is really important to me since I'm going to be on my own. I can use the necessary skills I've learned from school, like time management, organization, balance of school life and social life, and determination to help me get where I want to be in the world. Loy Norrix has offered me help from teachers, to be able to participate in cool clubs like Peace-jam, and rely on help from teachers when I need it. I feel ready and excited for college thanks to Loy Norrix High school.
Loy Norrix is a good school with many hardworking students however, it seems as though politics comes above everything else and you are frowned upon if you believe differently from the majority of the student body.
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