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Lowville is a good place to send children for their schooling. Lowville is ranked on state level and has excellent facilities. The campus is clean and friendly with plenty of staff willing to go out of their way to see the kids grow. However, living in a small community restricts children from a diverse population of people.
Kind staff, fun classes, LGBTQ+ friendly, supportive clubs, college level courses, and a great place to make friends.
Lowville Academy is a great place to learn. Different materials and subjects are taught well by the teachers to the students so that students understand. The class sizes are small, so teachers are usually able to do one on one with a student or help one when they are in need. The atmosphere is very friendly and everyone knows each other. Although, the curriculum can be hard and sometimes a little difficult to understand, Lowville teaches us to get assignments done on time and receive help if we need it. I have gone to this school my whole life and I have grown a liking within it.
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I like that the school is there to see to all my needs. The teachers are very helpful and they always want to help the students succeed.
Everyone should feel safe, considering all the locked doors make me feel like I'm in a prison.
There are always things for students to do at school, and they have opportunities to start new things as well.
There are many parents in this school. There are many parents in the community. Sometimes it's funny when only the teacher's kids get the opportunities that others deserve, isn't it?

Or how about when some parents don't care enough to come see their child actually do something.
After all my years of school here, I have met some of the greatest people, some of them being my teachers.

I know that without them I wouldn't have all the knowledge that I have today. They are considerate, understandable,

and most of them will help you outside of the classroom, especially the AP teachers, as they genuinely care about the outcome of their students.
you have acces to the weight room after school, and we have a variety of sports teams to join
Teachers are well-qualified and are often willing to assist those who request assistance. Almost all students know all of the teachers, thus enabling them to forge more bonds and deeper connections.
The school always seems very safe, with threats being virtually unheard of and minor issues being promptly taken care of by the appropriate staff and administrators in a timely and well-handled manner. Bullying does not seem apparent, though its absence cannot be guaranteed, as a lack of first-hand experience does account for the entire student population.
With the installation of a brand new turf, the overall athletic facilities are well managed and nicely kept. However, the presence of a track would be greatly appreciated.
With numerous AP courses offered, the workload can be quite overwhelming at times, especially when trying to excel in all classes being taken. Adding sports and other extra-curriculars to the schedule often make finding time to sleep one of the greatest challenges for those actively involved both in and out of the classroom.
While most people find a place where they feel comfortable, because of being located in a small town, diversity is hard to come across, so it wouldn't be surprising if someone felt out of place if they were used to a larger, more worldly environment.
Though most extracurricular activities pertain mostly to athletics, those that are present are quite popular. I would be nice, however, to have a wider variety of organizations that pertain to intellectual or humanitarian thinking rather than sports.
Though many students often find themselves complaining over it, the dress code is fairly reasonable, with strict regulations only being implemented and enforced when students purposefully refuse to abide by dress issues that have already been addressed.
Cafeteria staff are generally quite friendly, and monitors are constantly making sure that tables and surrounding areas are kept clean and orderly. Additional food options, aside from the standard hot meal of the day, are offered at a snack bar, and include salads, wraps, and parfaits.
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Though college prep classes are not offered, helpful guidance counselors and English teachers make a genuine effort to aid students driven enough to ask for additional resources and aid. The counselors provide information regarding the available purchases of College Board prep books, and conduct regular surveys with students to try and determine what additional aid they can give that would be most widely appreciated and used by members of the student body.
present academics are okay but younger grades are struggling due to new standards. teachers are great and the workload is steady
we live in a stable rural community and we look out for each other. everyone knows everyone
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