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Lowpoint-Washburn Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I switched schools my junior year. I went from Roanoke Benson High School to Lowpoint Washburn and everything changed. My grades, health, sport involvement, everything. I was happier and did better in classes after that change. I got involved in sports again and felt better about myself.
Lowpoint Washburn changed my life. I always participated in sports and activities. I always tried to find something to do and it always turned out great. The faculty is also very excellent. They always will help with home work, even if it's not their class, and help with social issues too. I have been going to this school since kindergarten and I wouldn't change anything for the world. I have made good friends that will last a long time. The school is well kept with maintenance and always clean. I have gotten personal bonds with teachers because they are the ones who are always promoting school spirit. During class games we have sponsors that are teachers and they play the games way harder than any student
The small school vibe is the best because you get to know your teachers on a personal level and see how much they care about you and your classmates. They know when you are having a bad day and are always there by your side. Also, the teachers push you to be your best self and it's always great to know you have them by your side.
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LWHS has given me a lot of opportunities to be involved with a variety of activities that I may not have gotten to in a school with a large student body. Another thing that I enjoy is how close I am to my classmates and the relationships with my teachers. It's very easy to make friends here and feel comfortable in the environment. Sometimes I feel like it can be hard to get everybody to show school spirit. Things are also a bit unorganized at times, but overall, I love my school and am thankful for my experiences here.
really small school. bad food. some good teachers and some bad teachers. one teacher wasnt even here for an entire quarter
It is awesome here but I wish that some food choices could change and they should get new coaches or someone that will help us be better at sports.
I love how everyone in the community comes together for events. The parents are very supportive and will help their children no matter what. The best part of my school is the teachers. They will do anything for us students. Some of my teachers are the most caring people in the world. Even though we don't have the best sports program, our coaches will push us to do our best.
At Lowpoint Washburn High School, you have tons of opportunities that a larger school wouldn't offer. For example, since we do not have enough people to try out for a sports program, the person automatically makes the team. Even if they aren't the most athletic person out there, they have the ability to improve their skills tremendously! Another great quality about Lowpoint Washburn is that the teachers care so much about their students, and they will stay after school just to help further explain something the student may not completely understand. The faculty here is amazing, they provide great help and they only want to see their students go far in life.
I absolutely love the teachers. They are all willing to help each and every student to succeed and prepare for college. There are some favorites in the schools that clearly can be seen but no one goes unnoticed. About half of the students are friendly and ready to learn and the other half doesn't seem to care. It's a smaller school so I enjoyed getting to know my teachers and peers. Overall, not a bad high school experience.
Lowpoint-Washburn Junior/Senior High School is the school I have attended all my life. The teachers truly do care about your education, and they try their very hardest to get you ready fro college. The sports may not have the most success, but the coaches try their very best to help improve the sports programs.
Our athletics are not the most important thing at this school. We rarely upgrade equipment or jerseys. A lot of things are slowly becoming more and more poor in condition. Due to low budgets at our school, it is hard to afford new items to improve our athletic departments. Another aspect that hurts our athletics is the lack of student participation in sports/events.
We have very little diversity within our school, and even our district as a whole. However, when people of different race, religion, or sexual preference attend our school, they are usually well perceived. Most students are well included in different groups within the school district.
The academics offered here include the general requirements, and few Honors classes. Few vocational classes that our school does not have access to is available for students to attend at a nearby High School. I feel some of our academics could be more challenging, and teachers could be more strict about deadlines, and writing quality of assignments.
The school offers the general extracurricular activities such as sports, and musical programs. Teachers do support our teams, even when we don't always succeed. However, I feel that this school lacks the offers for Academic clubs/organizations.
We have a dress code that relates to only girls that our shorts are as long as our finger rests on our leg when we stand up and tank tops have to have the straps as thick as three of our fingers but the thing that I don't get about the dress code is that the guys are allowed to walk around with there underwear hanging out. our other rules are typical.
There is some peer pressure in my school but since there is only 100 people everyone knows everyone and are very acceptable of each other.
my school offers the necessary classes, but it is so small that it can not offer classes like wood shop and home economics. instead they offer us classes at a bigger school that we can get bussed to for three classroom hours. the teachers at my school give more than 100%. most of them are also in charge of a group or coach a team. the work load is very acceptable there is never so much that you fall behind but not so little as you have nothing to do.
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The school is very good about making sure no one gets hurt and that no one has any health issues
i would do it all over again because i love the teachers and students but i would like to have more class options than what is available.
Being a small school, their are very little choices of classes. Many classes student want to take, have teachers that aren't ideal for learning(Like, art and music) both teachers are very lazy. I don't learn anything new in art class, and the classroom is always filthy.
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