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I think I was lucky, I had many great teachers in my 4 years of being in this school. There were a few I didn’t get along with, but the majority were fine! They were great friends and I enjoyed being in their classes! I looked forward to them!
Most of the teachers were great, but some of the students would fight, vape, push each other in the hallway, and put deer blood on peoples cars. I would like to see students treat each other better because we are all there to learn and graduate. In some classes the students wouldn't do anything but talk and distract the teacher to keep everyone in the class from learning. Some students would bully another student in their class to the point where they wouldn't even want to go to school. Some teachers would ignore and talk about their students behind their back when their supposed to be there for us. My high school experience was on of the worst ones because I had little friends, and my parents would never let me do anything so college is my one chance to be my own person and become a better verson of myself.
My high school experience was like no other. I made friends that have lasted me through all my K-12 school career. We graduated together and all threw our caps in the air. I built strong relationships with my teachers whom I still talk with on a daily basis. High school is something that I could never lived without. It taught me things about myself and about other people. My senior year I took joy in doing everything for the last time. I never thought that leaving a school and saying goodbye to all my past memories would be so hard. I encourage students to stay in school and cherish it because you never know how good you have it until it’s gone.
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I am a senior at Lowndes High School. I love that Lowndes has so many different clubs and sports to get involved with that all make me feel so welcome. They have so many different things for you to try. I wish that Lowndes was better at informing students about scholarships, grants and anything college related.
I liked the variety of AP courses and electives offered. I was able to take many AP's and still complete three classes of my elective.
I have moved to Georgia in 2016 about to start my freshman year. To be honest, I was a little scared and worried because I did not know anybody on my first day of High School. After I have settled for a while, I actually started to love Lowndes High School. The teachers develop a good friendship with their students and the students gets involved in everything they can and I knew I would be able to fit in just well. I progressively made a new friend almost each day and I still keep in touch with them. In 2017, I made a big decision of joining the cheer team and it was the best choice I ever made. Not only did I make the team for 3 years, I also met my second family. Making the cheer team changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to have that opportunity to build new friendships with the team. They are the reason why I am proud to call myself a Lowndes High Viking student!
Lowndes High School is a wonderful school to attend for academics and clubs. The teachers there do their absolute best to make sure that you exceed in everything that you do. I also encourage future students to indulge in the many clubs that LHS offers. This makes you stand out and also gives you a greater feeling of purpose while you are attending.
While attending Lowndes High School, I appreciated the academic support from the faculty members. They were willing to meet with me and other students for additional tutoring after hours if we needed further help in understanding the material. Furthermore, the faculty members continually pushed their students towards excellence, encouraging to try new extracurricular activities in and out-of state, and due to their encouragement, I was able to to become a more well-rounded college student, who was eager to explore new cultures by studying abroad and try new clubs like Phi Kappa Phi and the Institute of Healthcare Improvement.
A lot of focus is placed on sports and athletes. Specifically football and it's players. There are some great teachers there, who deserve a lot more recognition than they receive.
My experience was just me feeling like a pretty average kid going to high school. There was nothing too special about the school. I like that the teachers there are pretty cool and most of them actually do care about their students' education even if the students might not. I wouldn't really change anything in particular about the school itself.
Lowndes high is a very good school. The teachers at this school are very good with students and they respect the students. Most of the students have fun with the teachers and we respect the teacher a lot. I would change nothing
At LHS I have expirienced and been apart of a diverse education. In a high school of nearly 3,000, it is often easy to feel small. In the clasroom however, one feels at equals with each other and not apart. However, the school could do with more political and leadership involvement.
It's a very nice school. The teachers are very nice and help out whenever there is a problem orwhen there are things you don't understand. They push each and every student to do their best and are very understanding when another factor is affecting the student. The janitors keep the school clean. It's a safe enviroment where everyone can learn. Also the counselors are there for the students and parents whenever something comes up whether it be dual enrollment or a certain class that a person wants exchanged.
Lowndes High School has provided an excellent education for my son. Between extracurricular opportunities and his AP classes, he has had a well rounded experience. This is his senior year and I feel like he has the tools to succeed when he goes off to the college that he chooses.
Lowndes High School is an amazing school to spend four years at! Almost all of the teachers truly care about their students, and even the students that aren’t in their classrooms. The administration wants the students to succeed. There are tons of fun activities and clubs to get involved in, as well as, sports teams to try out for. The only thing I would recommend changing would be getting updated text books and the parking.
I liked the school spirit and the energy that wanders around the halls of Lowndes High. Everyone is kind, respectable, and a Viking at heart.
The high school was amazing. I participated the music program, and I was able to experience many different things that most high school bands could not. The school is highly funded by many companies, and it is overall a great public high school.
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Lowndes High is an excellent school. Although, I do wish there was a little more diversity, overall the school is excellent and the faculty and staff are even better.
Lowndes is nice school and would a great place for you to get prepared for college. It also allows dual enrollment.
I have attended this school for almost two years now, and I can agree that the education system is great as well as the learning environment.
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