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Lowndes academy is a a very small school where everybody knows everybody. Teachers become like family because they can get to know each student on a personal level. The only thing this school is lacking is the ability to prepare students for what’s to come after graduating.
I am currently a senior at Lowndes Academy. I have attended the school my entire life and have grown with it. The thing that makes this school special is the family atmosphere it brings.
Lowndes Academy is the third school I have attended in the past twelve years. I am so happy for where I will be graduating from because of the family atmosphere it provides. The small school environment allows students to involve themselves much more than any large public school. My four years at Lowndes has enlarged my resume from half a page to a whopping four pages. I am in key club, art club, Spanish club, beta club, pep club, key club, SGA, and the ambassador program. I play football, baseball, and track, something I would never manage to do at a large school. I commentate for varsity basketball. I am also Vice President of the AISA SGA. I am so glad for how well I have been accepted into the school, and I would not change it for the world.
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Great family oriented school! Small town hard working family's with the same morals and values in raising children. Many generations of families have attended this school.
Some of the teachers, not all, actually care and try to educate. The school allows the board of directors to dictate the actions rather than the administration. They also take priority over athletics rather than updating textbooks or facilities.
I have been attending Lowndes Academy since K-5. Middle school was okay, providing me with knowledge throughout all subjects. However, as time passed I began to realize classes were becoming tougher and I had to study more often. Lowndes Academy's English deparment is remarkable but other subjects such as history and math lack much. The math teacher teaches well, but only for those who learn fast. Thankfully I have never had a huge problem with being a slow learner, but for others math at Lowndes is a difficult subject. This school's history department has lacked a fit teacher while the spanish teacher is not many student's cup of tea. Lowndes' science department has a great teacher who cares and loves his job. Overall, Lowndes Academy has provided me with enough knowledge to make it through highschool, contain all A's, and get into a University.
This is a safe, friendly small-town school. I cannot imagine any school providing a better overall experience, given the very limited resources it has. Enrollment is relatively low (ranging between 200-300 annually), and tuition is extremely affordable when compared to other area private schools. These factors lend themselves to the school's funding being quite modest, but it's board over the years has done an amazing job with what it has had in order to keep tuition prices to a level that will allow the school to truly be an affordable option to all families. Athletic participation is always encouraged, and winning is valued, but never to the extent that academics suffer. The board, administration, faculty and staff truly care about the education and well being of every student, and all foundation members are treated like family. What a wonderful asset this school is to such a small community.
I am a 1991 graduate of Lowndes Academy who went on to attend Auburn University where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Animal Science and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. I felt that the individual attention given to me by my teachers (I attended there 11 yrs) more than readied me for the rigors of both undergraduate study and post graduate study. At Lowndes Academy, I not only learned material, but I was taught how to learn. I moved back to Lowndesboro so that my own child could attend Lowndes Academy. The family atmosphere and Christian based education has provided a safe and nurturing environment. The academics have her readied her to transition to the next educational level as evidenced by the 28 she scored on her ACT (33 in English and 32 in reading).
My kids getting an education in an environment consistent with my values is important to me.
The teachers care about student education and character development.
Lowndes Academy is really small so everyone knows everyone and everything. Sometimes that isn't a bad thing especially during hard times in life. You can always count on the students, teachers, and other staff members to pick you up. Everyone at Lowndes is always willing to lend a helping hand. We have experienced death in the school with some of the students. It is truly a time where everyone is so close and checks on everyone because it not effects their family, it's the school too because we are so small.
It is very nice to be close with the teachers and students.
We have a couple teachers who are older and give real world examples and show us the important factors of lie. We also have teachers who are closer to our age but also are compassionate about our stress levels.
All are very clean. We have had many private colleges/universities recruit here.
We have cameras in the hall ways so that if anything out of the norm is going on, our headmaster will know.
The administration is very contradictory. Some boys will be sent home for shaving while others are not. Some girls get in trouble for wearing leggings with a shirt that does not cover their behinds or fronts, while others do not.
The Art Club is not very time consuming. There not any events except for the Fall Festival.

Key Club participates in a few fundraisers.

SGA is definitely the most involving club.
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