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I say it's a good school overall and I'm back again anyways this schools extra programs help the students better understand the subjects that they are dealing with to succeed but sometimes it doesn't work but I'd say it's a 0433356 average school you know? And Jackie░I░want░you░to░know░if░you're░reading░this..░I░love░you (゠あ違 ゑタ凹宇異茨ヺ・演ヾ)
Same person,this school is very excellent in its understanding of latitude and student needd,this school hheped 900+ students graduate which is good and the security at this school is good,not too high and not too loe, and I still haven't forgotten her yet .__.
Yeah anyways I won't forget her anyways this school has a mascot as known as the leopard and it makes us feel better as a school I guess? An nd the scholarship here is free! it is for I and up and I can join! yeah I'm "A-dy"
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As a student that just graduated here from 5th grade is cranberry class it has a lot of spirit in their thinking like a lot of education and new ways for us to learn our important subjects and also it's good but I know I'll miss jackie...
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