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Lowery Freshman Center Reviews

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This school was pretty enjoyable, there were some ups and downs about this school. But overall its a pretty reliable school to go to.
I loved the building as well as the resources provided to us there. The cafeteria had a nice variety of choices and the food was always delicious. However, some of the teachers are irresponsible and did not contribute to my learning at all. For example, there was one teacher in particular. This teacher not only disrespected a member of our class by calling the student a dog for opening the battery cover of a calculator but the teacher also did not teach or prepare us for the class that we were in. This teacher obviously had favorites, gave excessive homework, did not provide us with resources, did not teach the way to remember sine, cosine, and tangent (soh cah toa), forced everyone in class to learn on their own, yelled at students for no reason, and did not help anyone advance in their knowledge of geometry.
I liked the building and equipment such as the wonderful library and helpful resources (such as the printers). However, some of my teachers were irresponsible and horrible at teacher. One of my teachers in particular disrespects students, has very obvious favorites, makes the class harder than other teachers, and doesn’t help when we don’t understand. Furthermore, this teacher does not provide us with the resources in order to review for the extra-hard exams.
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Lowery Freshman Center is like a stepping stone to get prepared for Allen High school. I noticed that the classes give us a slightly bigger workload to prepare us for the future. Lowery Freshman Center has a nice learning environment! The new design of the school is nice for hands-on learning due to the "pods" that the students are able to work in. Also, there are many different clubs at Lowery. For example, there is NJHS, Girls Who Code, Harry Potter Club, and etc. There are minor issues with Lowery, but overall I would say that Lowery Freshman Center is a great school for incoming freshmen.
Lowery Freshman Center is a great school where much emphasis is placed on education and teachers value your ideas. However, I took off one star because several teachers here that I interacted with were racist, and treated me differently then they would other students.
The new Lowery Freshman Center building is a state-of-the-art learning facility, with clustered classrooms and open learning areas. Safety is inherent in the design of the school. It looks and feels great to walk through the school.
Lowery Freshman Center is an amazing school with a great atmosphere. A new, state-of-the-art building was built this year, adding to the excitement of being a high school freshman. The teachers are great, and the school system is really good too.
It’s pretty old and the lunch doesn’t make me happy it’s expensive and I wish the food was open more to people with free lunch not just having the same food choice every time
The majority of the students respect each other and their differences. The only peer pressure is the good kind, where a student will pressure a lazy student in doing their homework. Teachers and coaches push the student to be the best they can be.
There isn't a large number of clubs, but the ones available are usually interesting and students do come together and get involved with the school.
This school was fun. I made new friends and built new experiences. I gained interesting knowledge academically.
The school is relatively safe. The faculty do their best to aid the children and guide them to the correct places academically.
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