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Lower Richland High School Reviews

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My exprience with Lower Richland High School was not without incident, however, it has gotten better since my freshman year. Once administration changed, the school as a whole seemed to approve. The current principal is working her hardest to change the mindset of the students to something positive.
My experience is that i’m a senior of Lower Richland High School. i’ve spent all fours years of high school here and we’ve experienced little growth until my junior year.
Lower Richland allows students to become better versions of themselves. This school prepares students for the real world.
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Administration needs to step up and hold team members accountable for their roles and actions in the school. The school is lacking teacher experience and puts the students into a critical position when choosing classes if their is only one teacher for a specific subject. This is not fair to the children or their education.
My school is a great school academically! They make sure we are on the right track. I have been helped getting prepared for college a lot. The counselors make sure my grades are on the right track and my test scores.
My experience at Lower Richland High School was great the principle cares a lot about the student and she is also trying to make a change in the community and also the look on our school. The athletics programs are great as well. I participate on the volleyball team and softball team and was a HOSA member.
Lower Richland is not a bad school. It provides some of the most amazing opportunities. The school has diversity and because of the new principal Ericka Hursey things are better and more organized.
I haven't had a single teacher that did not care if I succeeded or not. I am able to develop a well relationship with nearly all of my teachers. The environment is that of your typical highschool. I do recommend that staff issue a map of the campus to freshmen or even sophomores to aid them in adjusting to the campus's buildings.
Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at Lower Richland High School. There has been multiple classes that helped me prepare for the career of my choice. Even now, I am taking Dual Enrollment classes that are allowing me to experience a normal college class. Not many schools around my area has this oppurtunity so I am thankful that I am able to attend these classes.
At LR students are always being mistreated by both peers and teachers alike, many students don’t care for education but rather to distract others from theirs. It is clear that many teachers only do the bare minimum to get their paycheck and could care less about the students and their education. The staff is also extremely incompetent with their jobs as there are always issues with schedules and ect and they do nothing to help fix it and hardly even care.
I love how my teachers really interacted with us and went out there to help students better them selves. The teachers just educated us about stuff we didn’t know not only with information pertaining to school and what we had to learn but about life. They encourage us to be the best we can be.
My Lower Richland High School experience was average, i loved how some of my teachers were caring and passionate. but i would like to see some remodeling and more color because the buildings are plain
I love Dr. Hursey and how she came to the school and showed her concern for the students. Great addition to the community
Lower Richland High School is the best high school, however, it may have its flaws, but they take top priority to make sure everyone is safe and well-educated.
Lower Richland is a great school but like every school it isn’t perfect. More classes on how to ready us for the real world are needed as long as teachers and administrators that care more. Lower Richland is a very old school so the facilities are old to so with a little more help from the district it can be fixed. School is disgusting and flavorless my freshman year was the best but my school has sense gone down from then but with a little help from our district teachers students and parents we can get lower Richland back to what it once was a great loving and caring school.
Amazing school and great staff and students. Happy to have graduated from this school and now I’m going back to show love and support and appreciation for the amazing people who have made my school experience great.
Lower Richland High school is a amazing, safe, and good school. The teachers are very helpful, they encourage you to do your work, and they are will push you and never let you give up on yourself. The principle is very nice, and see works well the the other students and the staff members around the school. she gets along with everyone in the school and she gives very special advice to all the students in each grade.
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I apsolute love going to Lower Richland High School. Throughout my 4 year of going there it was an great experience and wonderful years.
I've been at LR for all 4 years and high school and we've had 3 principals since I've been here. This school is good overall just wished they focused more on seniors and help us more.
Like every other school Lower Richland has its challenges but after attending for 4 years I’ve been able to maintain over a 4.0 along with playing 2 varsity sports and involvement in multiple clubs. Overall I would say your overall experience is what you make of it, even if you don’t wish to pursue a college pathway we have multiple career readiness classes that can leave you with multiple certifications upon graduating.
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