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As a graduated senior in LMHS, I've grown better. The multiple of academics that they have are very good. Every teacher that I had are very nice and care for the students. There are many extracurricular activities to join. Lower Moreland High School helped me obtained multiple skills that are essential.
Having completed my first year of college, I can say that Lower Moreland prepared me for the workload I have as a college student. Additionally, I feel that Lower Moreland pushed me to learn about a wide variety of subjects. I have drawn on my high school knowledge a lot while in college. When I was a student at Lower Moreland, I felt certain subject areas did not have the best teachers. The English department lacked teachers that taught me how to improve my writing skills. I encountered similar problems with the mathematics department, as many of the teachers are not flexible in their approach in teaching math to students. I feel that some teachers do not realize that each student learns differently from another. The teachers often want to teach every student the same way rather than approach student's individual needs.
I liked how school got us very ready for the fast pace of college. Also the music department is fantastic. I would have liked the school to have more spirit though.
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I loved my high school experience! The only thing I would change was try to per-mote my school to per-mote there students to get more involved! I was very involved at school but some of my graduating class was not when the wanted to be!
My experience at Lower Moreland High School has been a positive one! Every student can explore their interests in a safe environment with knowledgeable teachers! I have made lifelong friends and have really grown as a person in this school district. The only thing I would change would be to add on to the schools to accommodate more students!
I like how there are many different types of students that go to this school. This school is very diverse.
There are several very good science, English, math and other teachers in the high school. The school offers many APs to choose from and has a variety of clubs and athletic teams to participate in as well. The school itself is small and the environment is friendly. Overall I'm very happy with my experience here.
The education was great but the environment wasn’t the best. I learned a lot about the people that I encountered and how to handle difficult people generally.
The teachers and workload is good and bearable, but there is little to no diversity at this school. Plus, many of the students are into druguse, whether it be electronic cigarettes or weed. There are some bathrooms that you shouldn't enter at certain times of the day because there'll be students 'juuling' in there. I feel like the school/district doesn't do much to fix this problem.
A rather small school in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, LMHS does a great job of preparing you for the work force or a post-secondary education. The small size of the student body allows the teachers to develop close relationships with the students. I really enjoyed my time at Lower Moreland.
I liked the education that I was offered at Lower Moreland High School. The teachers were always well prepared and knew what they were teaching. I do wish I had a chance to make more lasting friendships at the school however.
I personally think that this school does a very good job at preparing one for collage, but it is a very small town. There are not many places to do fun activities, but there are a lot of places outside of the town that give one more options.
I really enjoy Lower Moreland and all of the activity that they have. The teachers are always there for you and want to make sure that you are learning as much as you can. One thing that I would like to see in the future is more diversity in classes.
I love Lower Moreland High school! The teachers are nice and the classes are great. I have been there since kindergarten and I have loved it. The only negative thing is it's a small school and there are not to many students.
The school is great. Our education is challenging but it prepares us for college. We can receive a lot of after school help from the teachers. We have many school events that makes Lower Moreland a fun place.
Lower Moreland is a small school where everyone will know each other. You will grow bonds with people that you meet in kindergarten and you'll grow stronger and make new bonds as you approuch your senior year. The faculty and staff are excellent and are always willing to help you learn.
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Dear School Board,

This review could change:
2 stars - Allow students who take more social studies credits to waive the government requirement
3 stars - Don't force us to take Art, Music, and Culture
4 stars - Don't force us to take Critical Writing
5 stars - Stop requiring courses
Lower Moreland required its students to fulfill outrageous requirements that put its students a tremendous disadvantage. They require courses such as Critical Writing, Art, Music, Culture, Personal Finance, and recently began forcing students to take a civics class. These classes DO NOT help students later in life and make scheduling even worse than it already is. I would NOT recommend Lower Moreland High School to anyone.
I had an excellent experience at Lower Moreland. The academics were challenging but doable. I was very involved in activities and sports; it was easy to get involved because it was a small school. Everyone knew each other and it was easy to make close relationships with the teachers.
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