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One of the unique features of Lower Merion is the one-to-one laptops. The ability to have your own laptop without having to pay the price in full is a great resource for classes. There are also a lot of athletics and activities to join with almost any extracurricular for any interest. It is easy to make friends and find mentors at this school.
I throughly enjoyed my time here. While I wasn’t the smartest student and had learning disabilities, I felt like the school was pretty good with compensating for that. I fully immersed myself into a lot of the clubs and organizations they had to offer which made my time more enjoyable and most of the teachers were awesome and really great people.
Most of the teachers care a lot about their subject and each of the students. It is a pretty competitive school and gets stressful junior and senior year. Overall though it was a great four years.
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Lower Merion High School was a great place to grow from a young, immature freshman into the young, but four years older, senior that I am today. I feel that I am ready to face the challenges of college and have been well prepared to succeed in the next phase of my life. LMHS as a school is great. It is a comfortable environment where students can feel safe to talk to their teachers and really get to know them as people. In my four years there I never encountered a bad teacher or staff member. Lower Merion puts the students first with programs like "lunch and learn" where students have an hour long lunch and during that time they can visit their teachers during their daily 30 minute office hours. There are also all the clubs and activities that you could ever want and everyone is able to find something that they are interested in. I can not really think of any ways to change the school since I had an amazing experience with my time there.
Overall I liked my experience at Lower Merion High School. I feel as though my teachers and classes adequately prepared me for college and I am currently excelling.
I love this school with all my heart. it gave me so many opportunities to meet new people and get a great education while doing so.
Lower Merion High School is a competitive but supportive school. The teachers are very friendly but can also be very tough. There is a huge emphasis on college, as the school emphasizes college preparation thought all four years. The downside to this however is that there is a lot of pressure to take AP classes and to get into the most selective college as possible. It creates a competitive atmosphere.
I felt well prepared to go to college after graduation. I had great access to resources and people who wanted to help me, but it definitely lacks in diversity.
it is a great school, even though the school is mostly white. there are a ton of clubs, sports, and activities for anyone. #33 kobe!
Lower Merion high school prepares students well for college. They always encourage us to complete scholarships, and they host events where colleges from around the world come here to talk to us about any questions or concerns we might have as we enter into adulthood. Lower Merion School District is known for their caring teachers and quality education.
Lower Merion High School provides a tight knit family like community that is supportive of their students and staff. Lower Merion High School provides various courses to prepare students for college and the future ahead of them. Not only do the courses prepare the students for their future but the dedicated staff are always there to encourage and guide them.
My overall experience was great. I loved the people, the teachers, and the staff, everyone is so nice and kind and is so uplifting. The education is great. It gets rough sometimes but they're is always someone there to help you and make you get through difficulties and help you push through
As a sophomore student in Lower Merion High school, I'm happy to share my experiences. Lower Merion High School is a school full of great opportunities. Activities after school like clubs sports, and field trips are all fun and challenging and the teachers are pretty experienced and nice.
Really solid academically, everyone can find a schedule that works for them. Has kind of a competitive culture, but that isn't always a bad thing. I am constantly surrounding by intelligent high-achieving students that push me to my limits.
I really enjoy attending Lower Merion High School because I think that academically and athletics wise, other peers around you challenge you to do your best!
I transfered to Lower Merion High School as a Sophmore. Lower Merion made my transition smooth as they provided my family and I with insight on the school routine, a personal tour, and placement testing to ensure I would be placed in the right classes. I deal with severe anxiety and depression, their mental health department and guidance office is easily assessable. However, Lower Merion lacks in the field of college readiness, but I think for any High School it is hard to gauge how ready a student can and will be for college as 11th to 12th grade is an ever-changing and confusing time for any student. But overall, Lower Merion has provided resources to help me excel as not only a student but as a person. I have had so many amazing teachers who have helped me through every step of the way even if that was staying with me during Lunch & Learn, or giving me extra help, responding to my emails quickly, to even just talking to me one on one.
The school is pretty good. I have been at Lower Merion for over a year now and it's pretty good I like the school and the teachers. I also did some summer classes so now I can get ahead of the work and have a more free schedule for my Senior year more space for electives, getting a job, internships, or other things I want to do so that I can be more prepared for college and the future. They provide us with computers which is cool. I am apart of their performing arts organization called Players we do everything for the shows we put on. Like choosing the show, casting, directing, choreographing the dances, teaching each other songs, building the sets, setting up the lights sounds and mics, making the costumes, and getting the funds we need by working with local businesses asking them to donate or by ad space in our playbill. I also am apart of the crew team it does mean early morning but it is definitely worth it. Crew is one of the best sports that this school offers.
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I liked how the schedule worked at Lower Merion High School. The classes rotated everyday so you were not in the same class at the same time of day everyday. There are also skip days for classes as most meet 3 out of the 4 days. We get to choose all our classes, but obviously there are ones that you most take in order to graduate.
Alright most aspects of the school are okay. Not above average but okay. Anyway I’m best friends with a kid from Radnor (funny right). And wow I’m jealous of their music program. They have a marching band, a concert band, a jazz band, an honors jazz band, a color guard, an orchestra, a chorus, and an honors chorus. It’s just huge. We don’t have a marching band or a color guard. Our orchestra program sucks. I went to the radnor game this year and was like woah, that’s so cool? And then realized wow we don’t even have a band or those flag people or anything and I’m jealous! I’m upset! We deserve a better music program!!
It's pretty stressful and not all of the teachers are equally motivated, but the facilities, extracurriculars, and one-to-one computer program extremely well managed.
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