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My high school experience was very average. There wasn’t anything that really made stand out but nothing made it bad either.
Very welcoming environment, kids are just happy to be there. Small school, everybody knows each other.
I truly loved one of my teachers, she definitely gave us the drive to want to do more with our lives and in school.
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I loved how during your first year there, you are able to go through all the majors. Having a taste for each major and seeing what you fall in love with along with sticking with it for the rest of your high school career. You also see yourself grow, but not only that others can see it in you as well and it's a great environment of support in that school.
I am a better person in meeting and being open to others. I was able and encouraged to develop my skills in acting and singing.
The best part about Lower Manhattan Arts Academy is the amount of time, care, and effort that every single teacher provides for each student. There is not one teacher that won't be there to help you if needed. I am not only taught the basic education in order to take state tests, but to be more aware of what's going on in the world and to think more critically in all that is put in my way. Some thing that can change in the school is more funding in order to provide more supplies for the arts. We have four majors within the school which are art, music, dance, and drama. If there were more funding in tools, supplies, and products for these majors would allow students to create new and I mproved shows and art.
Lower Manhattan Arts Academy is a great school and its main focus is in the arts. There are many opportunities and support available. If you are looking to be a dancer or a performer, this is the right school to go to.
The health and safety policies at this school is okay. Some children are bullied here and there but its not very often. I personally feel safe in the school but I can't speak for everyone. Iv been to the school nurse before and he was great, very nice. But now they have a clinic in the school which i think is great.
This school offers many different extracurricular opportunities which is good because it gives the students a different variety of options. Some of the clubs that i was part of were Loma cares, softball, after school help, and edges. I enjoyed doing these things and was grateful to have them there as an option.
My overall experience in this school was pretty good. Some of my favorite experiences would be playing of the school softball team. Being part of a program called "Loma Cares". which was a program that went to different places such as retirement homes, medical rehab , and baby homes. We went to help out as much as we can. I was also part of this program called "Edgies" that i went to after school to help me with my homework. They also had SAT prep class that I also joined. The thing that makes this school unique is that every one gets along with one another. Since its a small school every one knows each other and we all have a great bond together. if I could do it all over i wouldn't choose this school again because I'm afraid that colleges would see that its not one of the best high schools so they might put that in the way of my application. other then that, great school people, teachers, & experience.
Lower Manhattan Arts Academy is a good community to be part of. The teachers care about you and push you past your potential. They give you a lot of homework not to see you struggle but to see you do better and to prepare you for college. You may even find your self building a friendship with some of them. There are many ways a student can be part of the community. There are many different clubs and programs to pick and choose from. Most teachers give the respect that is earned.
Some teachers deserve 5 stars, but not all.
It has not remained as good as when I started as the after school drama program leader left
LoMa is truly the school that cares, From the principal down. (of course there is always a rotten peach in the bunch) Differences are celebrated. Kids that struggle but care are going to graduate. The arts are part of everyday and considered important. It is a small school where everyone is known by name and all can do well if they aspire too.
Many many teachers go above and beyond. Some dont and shouldnt be teaching any more. But many have inspired me to do my best and almost all care a great deal about students.
The school likes to emphasis that the school is a lot different from other New York City public schools. At graduation graduates receive a LoMA diploma. It is because the school is supposed to require more than the average school to graduate.
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i love this school and i hate it at the same time
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