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Lower Macungie Middle School Reviews

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Many of the kids are very judgmental and mean. I would like the food quality to be better there. Lack of diversity.
Was ok 1st quarter..1st a 53 in health? Grades were fine till report card was posted..not a word from the teacher in the comments on the report request for a parent teacher meeting...looking foward to our meeting on weds that I set up before the report cards..
Teams made a large school feel smaller, teachers really care about you, and academics Are challenging. I was prepared well for high school.
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I do not like how the district makes it complicated when only a elementary school gets early dismissal and the other schools do not. It makes it complicated for the parents and their work schedule if they have kids that are going to both schools. Also, the school district makes not only the kids get up early in the morning to go to school. It is hard for their health because they are young so they have to sleep more than 7 hours every day. And the school expects the kids to be on their best behavior and listen to every direction possible when they are basically sleep deprived. Studies show that kids and teens are supposed to wake up at no less than 7 a.m. for them to be truly awake in the day.
My experience at Lower Macungie Middle school was an amazing experience. First and foremost,I will always appreciate how willing and helpful the teachers were whenever a student did not understand the work that was being learned. The teachers there were always specific and would go step by step whether it was math or in English learning to write properly. I also enjoyed the classes they were both fun and entertaining and I learned so much. I also found that the last period for study hall was extremely helpful to catch up on any extra work I had. I was also able to ask the teachers for extra help if I needed to have a better understanding on that subject. I also enjoyed the electives that we were required to take, however if I could change one thing I would have more electives that the students could take.
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