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My experience while attending lower lake high school has been very good. I would love for the school culture to change because it was not the most positive and vibrant as a high school should in theory be.
It is a very low-funded school that does not fully prepare students for a four-year university and beyond. There is an overall racist mindset and motivation to take challenging courses are not promoted.
Academically I have been setback by my High School because of its lack of opportunities. There is a small selection of AP courses and only one foreign language that stops at Spanish 3. I have been counseled numerous times as to what I should and should not do, further curtailing my ability in order to meet lower standards. For example, was when I attempted to switch into an advanced math class, it was only after extensive efforts and constant self-advocacy that I was allowed to take the accelerated course. There is not much to like about Lower Lake High but there are several things I would like to see change. The most salient being the prevailing message which encourages one to go to the military/community college rather than a 4-year university. I would also like the school's culture to change, rather than giving detention to students such as myself for partaking in a political movement such as The March for Our Lives national walkout they should encourage participation.
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What I liked about Lower Lake is the education system. It is easier and very different from my country which is the Philippines. I would like to see them separate 8th graders from 9th to 12th graders.
Lower Lake High School gives the education needed for students, though I feel as if they could do better educating students. Lower Lake High School needs more teachers who are working with you to succeed rather than just there to make another check. Students need encouragement, they need to know you really care about their success and will be there to help them when necessary. Lower Lake High School is attempting to make a difference with grades with policies of punishment, this is the wrong approach because students need positive guidance not negative. Lower Lake High School overall is an average school, there’s nothing special about it. Lower Lake High School has it’s good and bad but I have hope that it’ll change to help students achieve success.
What I like about Lower Lake High are the programs it has for a lot of things for students to enjoy on campus and out. However, I would like to see more activities for the students for future students who will or plan on coming to Lower Lake High.
Lower Lake was a fine school, it is the best public school in the Lake County school district. However as a public school it does not have the proper resources for kids. My parents never went to college and I was not prepared for college or becoming an adult after going to LLHS. Some teachers were great, you will get that at any school though. If you want your kids to have a great education you should send them to a smaller school, or maybe a non-public school. Or think about home schooling them. After me and my brother went through LLHS my dad decided not to send my baby siblings to school, they are being home schooled and I am so happy they will be getting one on one schooling and they will learn so much that I didn't have a chance to learn.
Awful School. Horrible administration who don't want the best for their students, filthy campus and classrooms especially the restrooms, the campus is literally falling apart, but most of all the administration do not care about their students, they only care about getting paid.
As an AP and Honors student, my journey through Lower Lake was quite impressionable. I had learned a lot from the current staff and have succeeded in all my academics, but I know that my higher skills and standing within the students makes my review a bit biased due to my honest and sincere passion and dedication to my education.
The teachers there are amazing. (Most of them at least) They are caring about your life at school and your personal life, you don't see that very often. They genuinely want their students to succeed.
One thing I liked about the high school was the select few teachers you could tell were passionate about teaching and helping students reach their full potential in a certain subject. One teacher in particular was able to teach multiple ways of doing math so that every student understood the concept all while keeping things on a steady track so that the whole class wasn't falling behind. One thing I would change about the high school is the state of some facilities. For example, the stage was completely torn down even though there were no actual problems, leaving the theatre kids with nowhere to perform except for on a stage at another school that just didn't feel like their stage. This leads into another thing. More money and effort went into sports than in art or other subjects when students in those areas had an abundance of potential that often went unnoticed. Other than that, the high school was fairly decent as the classes were definitely challenging but not impossible.
The teachers I am close to are wonderful and make sure to teach their students what they are going to need to know in college. The work is mostly okay to keep up with. Some of the best people I have met also go there. It seems as thought there is constantly attempts being taken to make the campus a better place. I have learned how to go through diversity and hardship here, and how Lower Lake students have more in common than they will ever know. The programs they have here are wonderful and help students become successful.
I love the sports programs. The teams are all nice and kind to others. When people say that the kids from Lower Lake are the worst with refs they are totally wrong all of the student athletes treat them with the same repesct that all of the teachers and people in the office get along with the coaches.
I would love to see this school better prepare EVERY student for college, not just the ones who are they think need it most. They should stop taking away pathways and continue to grow the ones they have while adding new ones.
Lower Lake High has its pros and cons, however, I have had an overall good experience with Lower Lake High. We are popular for our sports, and in general, I don’t want to harshly make a poor name for a school that I’ve never had a major issue with. There are some issues with discriminatory staff members, and in the past, I’ve worked with many students on changing our school’s policies on discrimination and other simple yet wrongful rules such as “No Headwear” (this including many headwears that are prominent parts of certain ethnic cultures). However our school is only improving by the day, and I hope to make a better name for this school by being one of the many students who are now being pushed towards college in our Upward Bound program.
Lower Lake High School is a small school that has less than a 1,000 students. With that, there is many opportunities for a student to seek one on one time with a teacher if they are struggling, there are many different types of AP classes that Lower Lake has to offer. Academics are usually spot on and we cover all of the "necessary areas" although many students seek a more in depth education, there is chances for students to receive that where as of other school there is less of a chance with a lot more students, each teacher knows most of their students on a first name basis. Other schools there are more kids to look after and teach teachers don't take the time to get to know their strengths and weaknesses.
My experience at Lower Lake High School has been good overall. Things that I would change if I had the power to is to not have the 8th graders at the school and just have it 9th through 12th.
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My experience at Lower lake high school was alright. Over the course of the four years I've been here I've had some really unprofessional teachers that did not prepare me for college at all. At lower lake you have to get yourself ready for college because the school doesn't do their best at preparing you. The things I liked about Lower lake were that the school has multiple electives, many clubs, and sports. If Lower Lake spent more time on college readyness and getting better teachers the school would be great.
Lower Lake High School is under funded therefore it makes it extremely hard for the school to thrive in anything beyond the classroom. But the teachers make anything work to assist us in our education and high school experience.
So far during my time at Lower Lake High I can say that a lot of the teachers have been there to build a very strong support system. Often they go out of there way to help when it is needed. The other students are decent to be around and most of them take there academics seriously. The school has a lot of school pride.
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