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Lower Dauphin High School Reviews

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The guidance counselors at Lower Dauphin High School are by far some of the best counselors out there for college readiness. They really care about your future and show you that they do. Most teachers are very caring about you and your grades, but some of course just feel like they’re there to do their job. The food is average. School spirit is a big thing here with Falcon PRIDE and our clubs and student organizations are extraordinary from Mini-THON, Youth & Government, Student Council and Class Councils, etc. They offer a very wide curriculum ranging from general level classes to AP classes. The AP classes are obviously more hard but one can see that most of the teachers who teach AP classes are more caring about their students and their grades. LD also has an AMAZING foreign language department and foreign language teachers. Sports are pretty good. We have an amazing and state-known field hockey and men’s soccer team.
I like the environment even though the occasional bullying. I felt I've gotten a pretty good education since kindergarten here.
Lower Dauphin High School is a great place to learn and make friends. It is a very friendly environment, and you can learn a lot. We have plenty of facilities that are needed. The student body isn’t as diverse as others may be. However, they are an accepting body.
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Somewhat decent staff, adequate resources, relatively good school compared to nearby schools, some teachers care, some don't, how much you put into the school determines a lot about how much you get out of it, clique culture among most students, many middle-upper class white students that seem pretty homogenous
Better atmosphere...when 4 kids from your school die and the school does nothing and doesn’t care at all there’s a problem. Something needs to be done and change so this stops happening.
Your child will not be comfortable at this school for one major reason that exceeds the rest, it is the most conceited, cruel, judge mental, hostile environment any child could try to learn in.
Lower Dauphin High School is a very friendly and inviting school to all newcomers. The school is very judgement free towards all students and staff.
The one thing I do like about the school is the great connections you can have with your teachers. They are more than happy to provide help including staying after school for tutoring sessions or to give you advice after class so there are not many embarrassing moments during the class session. However, the school is known to have a student body that cares more about tailgating, sports, and drama more than academics. Our STEM team and Nanoline team have won states and nationals in the past two years (cough I went...cough), but besides them, I have not seen many of the staff try to persuade the students to do more when the student shows no motivation. Also, our guidance counselors suck with getting or giving information especially important files like transcripts and other college documents out in time for any deadline.
Very good teaching staff beside the ones who fall in love with students. The education I received there prepared me very well for the college life. There are many opportunities through this school sports wise and for extracurriculars.
I enjoyed the amount of diverse opportunity offered to you at LD. Wherever a student intended to go after graduation, the faculty, programs, and class rigor definitely prepared students for whatever path they choose to venture down next.
Lower Dauphin High School really prepared me for college classes with Honors and AP courses. The teachers that I had were supportive and knowledgeable about their curriculum and made sure that we did not learn to take tests, but rather learn to think critically and remember the information.
Overall, I think that Lower Dauphin was a pretty great school. There were plenty of opportunities to get involved in all kinds of great programs with students and staff that were just as passionate. I also feel that for the most part, the staff were very passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects they taught with very few exceptions. I think that Lower Dauphin was a great school to have attended and I feel that I am far more prepared for college than many other students that I am currently in school with. I think that although it had a few minor flaws, it was a great school and I recommend it to anyone looking for a quality high school.
This school provides the necessary tools and classes to get your foot in the door for Music performing, education, and composition. The diverse music classes and songs we perform as a whole are phenomenal and I would recommend their music programs to be placed in every school.
I came to lower dauphin as a freshman in high school and I was extremely anxious and scared on my first day of school that I wouldn't make friends. The students and teachers at Lower Dauphin were amazing and so accepting and welcoming. I am now a senior and I can't even begin to express how great of a high school experience I've had so far. I've made friends I'll remember forever and I've learned lessons from the teachers that I will always remember. I couldn't ask for a better school and I wouldn't change a thing based on my positive experience.
I loved seeing everyone be able to win and i loved to hear from them in emails about updates on scholarships that i was able to apply for.
The teachers are well educated, but some do not teach very well causing students to suffer. Scheduling is fairly easy, but a majority of kids take average classes despite the fact that could manage a passing grade with an honors or AP class.
It is a white majority at the school. Kids often whisper about other kids sexual orientation even though it's not something to joke about. Drugs are common even though nobody will talk about it.
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Clubs overall are not a large part of this school. The most noticeable one being Mini-THON, but besides that, everything else is on the down low. Plus the variety of clubs could be much better.
It's a good school, but outside of school, there are few events that garner the whole student population. Football games and Mini-THON are the only events that I can think that qualify for that.
All the teachers try to give as much time as possible outside of class to assist students who need additional assistance with classwork. However, some teachers are not up to modern times and still have not incorporated enough technology into their curriculum.
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