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Lower Cape May Regional High School Reviews

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Lower has a great academic program and the administration is very dedicated to ensuring their students are receiving the best education they can get. The school itself is very inclusive of every race, gender, and ability in all aspects. This includes sports, clubs, and academic classes of all kinds. Although, like any high school, students and staff may disagree on some levels but, for the most part, LCMRHS is a great place for students to keep included in their environment and well educated as students.
LCMR changed my life for the better! They have so many diverse activities, clubs, sports and classes. The faculty truly cares about the students, which is the most important factor in a school to me.
I enjoyed attending Lower Cape May Regional during my high school years. It is a good school with very kind staff and students that are always willing to help each other and anyone else who may need it.
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As a senior at Lower Cape May Regional I can say that overall my high school experience was pleasant and beneficial. The sport programs and AP academic courses gave me experience that will be very useful in my upcoming collegiate career. Along with this some of the staff members including teachers and coaches served as mentors and motivators to me. However, I know some of my classmates would not describe our school like this because they didn't receive the experience that I did. Continuing on this premise, I believe that Lower Cape May Regional is home to opportunity but it falls on the individual student in order to chose whether they want to be on the track to succeed.
Lower Cape has many opportunities for students to pursue including academic classes, clubs and sports. However, due to the location we reside in, diversity has always been a big issue here, something I have always struggled with as well.
Lower cape May regional is a great school with caring teachers. Lots of extra curricular activities to get involved with if you look for it. Theater clubs are wonderful and put on wonderful productions. Sports teams could be improved upon a bit, but it’s hard as upu often find the. Enter athletes moving to other districts to take advantage of their teams.
I loved it here. Awesome staff and the AP classes helped prepare me well for college. Safe school and in a good area of New Jersey. Class sizes are small and optimal for student learning.
Lower is a pretty decent school of you’re willing to put in work. Its generally pretty good but a lot of the students don’t seem to care.
It was all right but I like Tech better this school is makes you feel like you have to be good at sports for a little help it is hard to get through some classes when you are not a popular kid
Although High school is a wild ride for everyone, LCMR has given me the opportunities I need to advance my knowledge and the teachers and staff have helped me along the way. Of course there can be improvements, but for my area, its a great school!
My experience has been nearly 100% positive. I am involved in many school activities and have good relationships with school staff, many of whom are personal friends and relatives as well as teachers. overall I dont have any adverse things to say about my high school experience.
I attended LCMR from 1984-1987 and enjoyed the experience at that school. Coming from small town Kodiak Island in Alaska this was a new experience for me at a much larger and diverse student enrollment. I enjoyed the classes offered at LCMR and was very impressed with graduation being held out on the football field.
There were some truly incredible teachers at this school. However, the institution as a whole lacks on many fronts. There are many simple changes the administration could make to improve the school but they are too stubborn to do so.
Lower Cape May Regional School District challenges it's student population in every facet. Course selection is outstanding and diverse. Student Athletes have a lot of options offered from Football to Cross Country, Soccer, Field Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Wrestling, Indoor Track & Field, Baseball, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track & Field. There are an array of clubs offered and it is encouraged at LCMR that students become involved in extracurricular activities.
Going to lower was a blast but that's coming from an alum. While I was still there though it was kind of crappy. Some of the classes are just fillers that will teach you nothing and once you realize it you're motivation goes down the drain. That's what this school eventually does to everybody. It's not all bad though cause most of the teachers are pretty cool or at least tolerable. High school is all about what you make of it so if you try hard to make it fun then it won't be all that bad.
I am having a great high school experience here. Were a small school, less than nine hundred kids, so being a 2 sport varsity player, you could understand that as a whole the sports arent all that well. We have great people and great teachers, which is why i love school. If I didnt attempt to make everyone laugh at least once a day, would school even be fun?
I've completely loved my experience at Lower Cape May Regional! I've made amazing best friends and met teachers who inspire me to follow my dreams no matter what. I actually enjoy going to school, and that's something you never hear a teen say. My experience here has been nothing but positive; of course, there have been times of doubt, but I always see the silver lining in the clouds. This school helped shape who I am and who I strive to be.
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i had a pretty great experience in high school. Since it is a decent-sized public school, it was a fun environment
Most of the teachers i was lucky to have were very engaging and knowledgeable and really cared about their students. One thing i always respected about my teachers is they were flexible around athlete's schedules.
We have a drug problem in the school. We do have the police come in with dogs to do a sweep but we all know when it's coming. Fighting is very common in the school. There are police in the school but finding them when you need them is nearly impossible. There's a bullying policy in place but it is rarely enforced and bullying is quite prevelent. The number of students that self medicate and self harm who don't get help is ridiculously high as teachers and staff will look the other way. The nurse and trainers are great with the students that come to them.
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