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Lower Brule Day School Reviews

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The school hardly does anything.
The school let things slide more than the laws does.
The classes are horrible. The teachers lack motivation to teach their students! They just hand paper packets and make the classes easy that you don't learn anything!
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I will say the sports options are pretty average. Many students are involved, which is a surprised to see many motivation.If only they do this to their classes.
The food the school cooks is not always healthy. I often wonder if they even bother to meet the requirements.
There's only one organization, and that is the Student Council. Its very easy to get in. You just have to be popular. The students don't care if you're smart or have great ideas. They vote the popular ones so they can geg extra privileges for themselves.
I honestly don't know... I don't think I am prepared at all...
I would not choose to this school again. The school hires any teachers even the ones who lack the motivation to teach their students. This reason what cause students to easily get grades and not learned a thing. They just hand packets and expect students to learn something. For example, all my English teachers always gave my class research assignments. I've never learned how to write essays! Or what a term paper is! I've learned all this from a summer program I went to for four years each summer. They taught me what I needed to know. My school has staffs who are related to some students that don't care about education and rather have easy work. They listen to them ans get rid of some good teachers who care about their student's education. Sad to say that my school might shut down in a few years if they keep going like this...
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