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While I had attended this school from kindergarten through 12th grade, I had been both pleased and upset with this district. The teachers and students are both amazing. These teachers go out of their way to not only make you feel at home but to encourage participation and growth from their students. Although when it comes to management, the superintendent and the school board, seem to be about another agenda. I feel as though most are chasing after money and a good name instead of being concerned with the welfare of the students. I have personally felt belittled by them.
I thoroughly enjoy Lowellville. It is a great learning atmosphere, with many wonderful teachers. The only problem I have had through my time at Lowellville were some of the kids being cruel and rude, but it is highschool so it's going to happen anywhere. Overall a wonderful place to be.
My experience at Lowellville High School was pretty, as some would say, not good. I was in the worst class to ever go through that school, and boy was it rough. By the end of the 2016-2017 school year, a large chunk of students left the school to go on to better one. Overall it was a bad experience.
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It isn't a great school as everyone thinks. The food their really does sucks and the kitchen is disgusting to look at the floors. The teachers in the high school don't get me even started.
The school is overall excellent. Needs a few administration changes. A few rules need fixed. The teachers are overall some of the best.
Lowellville highschool is a prison. The students are arrogant and crude, the administration is power and money hungry, and if you're not from Lowellville, you're insignificant. The only redeeming factor is the few teachers there that actually care. Don't send your child here, this place kills creativity and encourages ignorance and bullying. It ruined my highschool experience.
I love Lowellville it is a great school. You learn a lot and the teachers are great!
The nurses in our school are the best, very friendly! We have 2-3 police officers in our school at all times just invade of an emergency! Nothing has happened just for precaution!
The food is pretty good! I usually pack my lunch because I don't eat the food, not because it's not good but because I just don't want it! The snacks are amazing! I usually get a granola bar and an apple with peanut butter!
The principal and superintendent are very helpful and involved in the students lives.
Lowellville has a lot of school spirit!!! We all get so excited to cheer on all of the teams! Our facilities are pretty up to date!
Our teachers go beyond what is required in multiple classes! I love them all, and they always help me when I am confused. I appreciate all the work they do for me!
Extracurriculars in Lowellville are awesome! We have PANDA. SAD, art club, drama club, teen outreach, spanish club, and Italian club! I am in art club and Spanish club and they are so much fun!! We have great support from out administration!
every school has a few losers
Gross and receptive, not very healthy
We needed better and more neural authority
We definatley should have given more funding to athletics
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It was all about who you knew
There were very few teachers and things that prepared me for anything.
It has been a memorable four years. I have learned a lot and I have had an overall wonderful experience. I believe I am prepared for life. I would go back to this school in a second!
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