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Lowell Senior High School Reviews

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I really enjoy going to Lowell High School. The teachers there are truly kind and they care about your education. I also like that the students at Lowell High School are very friendly.
I like how the school reflects the community. Nice and easy going unless you are a jerk. There are some many scholarships and people are willing to give you a chance. There is a big focus on college but the teachers also support students who are looking for 2 year tech degrees and such.
This is probably been the best school I have ever gone too. They do have a few issues including diversity, but overall is a great school.
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The Lowell community and school are like no other. This school has brought me 4 years of great education, friends, and a bond. The classes are great as well as the teachers. Overall, I can't say enough how much this school means to me.
I transferred to Lowell in the beginning of October from Grandville High School. I love the experience so far because every one is welcoming and supportive. I also joined the football team when I transferred in and they welcomed me with open arms. Although, I have been set back from a hip injury, which I recently had surgery on, every one has continued to be supportive of my recovery.
Cross country team was amazing! Was able to get involved in multiple organizations like the WRWW and student council. Teachers were funny and helpful!
Lowell Senior High School is and amazing place. All the teachers are incredible and very helpful. The community is great. The building is a safe, friendly environment in which we all learn.
The school ran so rampantly with drugs and violence that I had to switch schools for safety reasons. The education was standard but the teachers seemed to just be trying to get through the day. The only part I enjoyed was the music program but it was overshadowed by the negatives.
Lowell Senior High School is a great public school for the area. Many students have graduated with degrees in many different fields.
Throughout my years at Lowell Senior High School have been a fulfilled experience. From the start of my freshman year where there is a separate freshman area just to have the freshman class adjust to the new schedule and new environment. The staff at Lowell Senior High School will go above and beyond just to see a child succeed throughout their time at the school, if they are willing to put forth the effort. There have been changes while I have been attending such as our dress code, academics, and how we treat everyone at the high school. I do wish that the school would put more attention and time towards the art and music department. The marching band uniforms are falling apart year after year. Those uniforms were brand new in 1990 when my dad was a freshman there at Lowell. Three generations of my family members before me have worn these uniforms, now myself and my two brothers have worn them. Our music that we play is old. Everything comes out of the teachers pocket.
Lowell Senior High School offers a lot of AP classes which is preparing us all for the future. Lowell also provides the students a lot of help and advice for preparing for college. They helped me apply to the colleges that I want to go to.
Everyone is very kind, caring about you. There is a variety of activites for everyone. If there is one you like you can create your own. The teachers all are willing to help you. I do wish that the school would put more money towards the music department.
The school itself is average, but the opportunities to expand my learning outside the classroom through connections to tech schools, college and AP courses, and dozens of clubs were priceless.
I would like to see a better emphasis on external students SAT experience, however, I really enjoy the administrations, flexibility. and their openness to diverse students and LGBT students
What I liked about Lowell Senior High School was how encouraging the faculty was. They were always there to help us be the best that we could be. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. I can't think of anything that I would change.
Lowell High School was a great school with amazing teachers. With a great variety of AP class options, I always had an opportunity to take my education to the next level and feel as if I was enrolled in a college enivironment. This school is very connected with its community, as well, through it’s Pink Arrow Project which raises money for breast cancer research.
I would have to say the teachers in highschool were amazing. Most of them cared for their students and did what they could for them to pass. The school has many pep rallies or events for the first tri, but the second and third tri are lacking any activities. I think it should be balanced out throughout the year to avoid students becoming very disinterested. The thing that could use more work is the special ed teaching. Lately the school has been cutting out awards for honors students like the yearly icecream and announcing the students during graduations which is kind of disappointing. Overall though it is a good school. I’ve meet amazing people I hope to hang out with after highschool. The school encourages people to try their hardest and inspires them to dream big.
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Lowell high school is a wonderful place to learn and grow with amazing teachers and a spectacular student body.
Lowell High School is not particularly diverse or in any way exceptional, despite what the faculty likes to say. It does, however, have a relatively safe and friendly atmosphere and is focused on academics. The teachers are, as a whole, competent and encouraging, especially the passionate AP teachers. Overall, it could have been much worse.
I loved everything about being in Lowell my whole grade school career. I believe that with the way society works now a days there are always going to be some aspects of high school or the faculty of highs schools, will always have the chance and drive to improve on. I have noticed that the pay for teachers in high school is a joke to them. I have constantly heard a select few teachers go on and on about how they do not ever actually get paid enough, so why would they care if our academic career suffers a bit. Therefore, this all creates an ongoing chain effect that in turn places us adolescents under extreme pressure, and we are held accountable for things deemed by teachers that are completely and utterly out of our control. To me this is childish and completely unfair. Teachers should find a different job that truly makes them happy to leave for work in the morning and where they do not feel the incessant desire to drag us down with them into a state of unsatisfaction and sorrow.
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