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While Lowell gives a good high school education, there's a lot of pressure from the school to go into a trade or a STEM field, and little consideration is given to students who plan to go into the arts or out of state.
As a student who came from a diverse school, I noticed just how closed minded the people were and the disadvantages of living in a small rural town.
Overall, it's a great school. The staff is friendly, the education is good, the community is good. The only real problem I personally have is the classes available. For example, with our languages we only have Spanish and French. I would like to see at least a third language available, like Japanese.
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After attending Lowell Senior High School for almost a full four years, I would say overall, the atmosphere of the school is pretty great. It's nice to get to see new faces in the halls every once in a while and see people helping them out if they need it. I feel that the school does a good job with bringing in new people and showing them around. I also feel the school keeps up on staying organized most of the time, but it can always use some work as well just like any other school.
I like that the school has given students multiple opportunities to succeed and have a pathway for their future. If I were to change anything it would be the diversity levels only because I'm used to a more diverse area so moving here was a culture shock. I think the mix of cultural backgrounds would be really nice for everyone.
They are very supportive people and want to see students succeed in life. When students have set backs or seem to have hit a bump in the road, the teachers and staff are right there to help students pull through and make sure they come out better than they were before.
Lowell High School is a new tech school. I think using new tech helped me to feel prepared for my future. The school's environment was always always positive and helpful to the peers.
It's a very friendly and easy environment to learn in but some rules could be changed to make it better.
I think Lowell High School has some really good teachers and classes. I had no troubles scheduling or asking questions.
It is a great school, it just lacks diversity and diversity awareness. The teachers and class choices are great. I love how teachers are professionals in what they teach. For example, my human body systems and anatomy teachers are nurses.
Throughout my experience at Lowell High School, I have felt fairly educated and feel that going here was a good experience. However, I know that others don't feel the same and that there are lots that Lowell could improve on.
Lowell High School is a very good environment. They focus a lot on academics as well as extracurriculars such as sports and music.
I have had a great experience with the teachers. Great technology and classes. I would like to see a little more security in the school.
I like this high school, but it could be better if we didn't have block scheduling. When I was at Hanover from 3rd grade to 8th grade, we had all the same teachers every day. Lowell doesn't do this. Also, where are all the life-skills classes, like cooking, typing, financing, and writing resumes? In another case, what is with a 30-minute lunch but a 20-minute line? You literally have to train yourself to eat fast just so you could be done with your lunch by the time the bell rings to go back to class.
The teachers are extremely helpful and encourage the students to achieve their best. At times the administration is difficult policy-wise
I enjoyed the people I met and the opportunities I received. All though I believe that this school isn't the greatest at preparing kids for college. The teachers are very personable people and will help you succeed.
I enjoy the environment of my school, although I feel that implementing New Tech was a good idea, I don't think it was carried out the right way. I feel like this style of learning did not help the students in the way that administrators has hoped, and when students get to college, they are going to find a hard time adapting to the different learning style.
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I love the smaller class sizes that are available for us young achievers. We have a personal relationship with all of our teachers based on the size. I love LHS but one thing I would change is the New Tech Learning. We need education that is based around social skills and academics. Its all about balance, but with social skills and New Tech mixed together it would be a healthier environment.
The teachers at Lowell High School are students advocates. Almost every teacher I’ve had has been more of a friend then someone you just sit there and listen to for an hour and a half every day. A few in particular have made major impacts on mine as well as other people’s lives. Most, if not all have touched at least one student in ways someone else never could, and it’s a positive learning/teaching environment. While students dread going to school for it simply being school, rarely do you ever hear the reason they don’t want to go to school is because of a certain teacher. One thing that I wish was different about the school was some of the rules they implement. I know they’re to keep the students safe and make the students focus on what’s really important but some of these rules have not made any difference other then to infuriate the students or make them want to go against the rules anyway.
Overall, I had a great experience with LHS! I really enjoy the fact that our school is New Tech centered. Doing most of my work on computers helped me to gain a better understanding of technology and my resources. I also found our teachers super helpful! They genuinely care for students and that is definitely reflected upon their teaching.
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