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Lowell is fantastic learning environment for children and provides a top-tier, quality progressive education. Our son attended Lowell from pre-K through 8th grade and we wouldn't have had it any other way!
Our daughter has thrived at Lowell. It is a community where she is known and loved. She experiences daily a joy for learning and for life, with friends and teachers who come from diverse backgrounds.
We found Lowell out of desperation. My oldest, who always loved learning so much that even as a toddler she sat in front of the group at Gymboree parties, began to lose interest in class. She had even become disruptive. All that changed back when she got to Lowell.

A few years later, now in 7th grade, out of the blue she asked me what was my life's biggest regret. After I answered, I asked her what was hers. "That I didn't come to Lowell sooner."

I'm not surprised. Lowell is an all inclusive education which not only provides for the academic, athletic, and artistic education needs for all it's kids, but also attends to their social and emotional growth, as well. Lowell helps our family raise our children just like we do at home.

Our Lowell result is that my daughter got into every selective high school she applied to and, next year, will be attending a school with one of the regions top arts programs. (She's a singer.)

I can't say enough about Lowell School.
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As a captain/owner of a charter service that was hired by Lowell School to carry 38 students with accompanying teachers, I would like to share how impressed I was with how polite, well behaved and mature the students were. They asked thoughtful and intelligent questions. It is obvious that they are getting a first class education. Hats off to Lowell School, its quality teachers and the parents. Job well done!
My son has been at the school for 3 years now. We are very impressed with the level of teaching, the depth of the classes, and the way that the students interact with teachers and each other. If there could be a school that exemplifies learning in an atmosphere of safety where bullying is not tolerated and kindness and tolerance are key, this is it. If your child has a specific interest, like in the field of science, music, writing, or math, the school will work to create clubs during free periods around that interest.
Lowell is the most nurturing school while still being very rigorous. The teachers are highly qualified and true experts on education, child development, and teaching the whole child. Lowell is also the most truly progressive school out there. The faculty and staff are dedicated to staying on top the the latest research and best practices.
I am the parent of one alumni and two current Lowell students. We happened upon Lowell by accident but it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Each of our children is their own person and Lowell has been able to work with each of them to ensure that they are all confident students and community members. They learn for the sake of learning. They step up to lead and help others when they see a need. They enjoy playing on the sports teams whether they are one of the best players or not. After originally struggling, they’ve become accomplished musicians, playing in bands in their spare time. With support from her teachers our oldest, who wasn’t always the best at studying outside of school, became a great studier at Lowell and has carried that ability to high school. Lowell has helped our kids become happy, confident, life-long learners and good members of the community. And we’ve also really enjoyed the parents and their companionship.
I have one alum and two middle schools sons at Lowell. The younger two started in Kindergarten and the oldest in third after attending our local public elementary school. Although my sons are completely different, Lowell has managed to understand and bring out the best in each of them. My oldest, the quiet introvert at public school, was completely brought out of his shell and is now a confident 10th grader. Lowell taught him self advocacy. My younger two have been encouraged to use their over abundance of self-confidence to boost other children up. Thanks to Lowell, they are empathetic leaders. Lowell has helped me parent my boys to be their best selves -- confident yet kind, thoughtful and public-spirited. All of that PLUS a leading edge curriculum that allows them to easily attend the top public and independent high schools in the city!
Lowell's focus on diversity permeates every aspect of its culture and teaching. Diversity comes in many forms - racial, cultural, economic, sexual orientation, gender diversity, and all are part of Lowell. As a result, my child is a better, more well-rounded person who understands what it means to be a global citizen. Importantly, because of the low adult to child ratio, Lowell is able to meet every child where they are at any given point in time. When my son was having trouble learning to spell, he was given supplemental assistance with this skill until it was no longer an issue. At the same time, because he was advanced in math, he was given more challenging assignments and encouraged to work ahead, which he loved. Lowell has great theater, music, arts, sports, math, science, etc. It has a swim team with a pool on campus, which is wonderfully convenient. There are many after school activities, including a chess club. I am so grateful for everything Lowell does for my son.
My daughters have been educated and nurtured into strong and independent learners whose skills are shaped by caring experts and whose empathy is fostered by a culture based in respect, hard work and compassion.
I am the parent of three Lowell alums who graduated in 2008. They are identical male triplets and they are black. At 3 years old, our primary objective when selecting a school for them was safety. What we found was that not only did Lowell create a safe space for each child, but also that Lowell respected the individuality of each child and allowed each voice to be heard. Being identical triplets, it was also important to us that our sons be treated as individuals. Needless to say, they thrived at Lowell!
We are currently in our second year at Lowell with a boy in pre-primary at the Lowell School and are very pleased with the school. We heard great things about Lowell before we applied and our high expectations of the school have been met. Our son has really flourished in the creative, supportive, and nurturing environment for him there.

While the school has a great educational program with low student to teacher ratios, outstanding child-centric facilities, and committed faculty, we have been incredibly impressed with Lowell's commitment to inclusiveness and diversity. The student body is over 47% of color and the faculty is over 40% with LGBT and differently abled faculty adding to the richness of diversity. This is not only great for an independent school in the area, but is also very important to us as an inter-racial family.

I am also really impressed with the parent community at Lowell and Lowell's commitment to its parents.
Lowell has provided a safe place for growth and learning. In my experience as a student I have been encouraged to explore my interests in an environment where everyone is encouraged to take a risk and try something new. Would recomend.