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Lowell Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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this school is the definition of garbage i have been eating the same food since
4th grade. but the real problem is the learning.
My teachers have been helpful and my friends are amazing. I have kept a strong academic reputation here. I have grown to feel welcomed and find it easy to ask for help. Lowell staff have assisted me greatly in applying to college and scholarships. They are in top of students about anything future career related.
I enjoys some aspects of High school. I wish that we had more electives that were offered. I also wish that we had options to take classes that we wanted to take and not forced to take classes that the staff knew certain students wouldn't do well in. Leadership and Link crew were amazing but we should have been able to do more and we were never allowed to do.
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Last year our school finally replaced our spineless administrator. I have hopes that this new administration will get our school back up to par. They are tough on PDA but other than that, they leave us alone.
Finally, as of the summer of 2014, our school is getting a make over! Our school took out a million dollar loan and renovated the inside and outside. Before this, our high school was the oldest school in Oregon without any improvements.
I don't see too much bullying, but it does happen. Most sophomores on up have been drunk or have smoked pot. Luckily I haven't seen anybody I know get pregnant. Our school did install cameras in the hallway, which has eloped quite a bit. Overall, girls will be catty and boys will be show offs. This is typical of most schools though.
Our teachers seem to be tired of teaching. Our administration, up until last year when the school board replaced him, was weak and allowed to teachers to just maintain the status quo. I have high hopes that the new administration has lit a fire under the teachers who are staying and have hired dynamic replacements for those that are not staying.
At Lowell High School, I have some really great friends, found the love of my life, and have been exposed to some really great memories. Our school is known state wide for our wrestling and we made it to second place in state for football. We're just a 1A state school (with only 290 students K-12) but our athletics shine! We have new administration this year, which will hopefully turn our academic program around. Despite the lack of enthusiastic teachers, I have managed to get my GPA up to a solid 3.5. I am one of only a couple of students who plan on going right into a university and I would be forever humbled if I were to be awarded this scholarship. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you.
Although our school is viewed at as a "poor school", the nutrition aspect is decent. It offers milk, canned fruit, some sort of main entree, and a small handful of salad each day.
Lowell High School is a 1A school located in a very poor part of town. I believe our "free and reduced lunch" participants hover somewhere around 75%. Despite the economic hardships, we continue to turn out outstanding athletes! Our football team placed second in state and we had 5 out of 6 seniors win the state title in wrestling!
Students are somewhat cliquey and there are people who get picked on a lot. There is very little diversity.
The administration jumbles around every few years or so and they never really seem to know what they're doing. They also can't spell and have atrocious grammar.
You have your amazing teachers and you have your awful teachers. You really just need to learn to tailor your work to their needs and how to stay on their good side. Be nice and you'll do fine.
There are resources, but they're not exactly timely resources and they aren't abundant by any means.
Some people get awesome scholarships, some people go to decent schools, and some people get decent jobs. The school has (or had) a decent careers program, but the problem is most people don't really feel ready for a job or college straight out of high school and they're left not knowing what to do with themselves. There's no help with that transition if college isn't the plan.
People love their sports. It's the one thing the school actually chooses to invest in.
The academics are not great. There are few classes to choose from (wait, choose? You don't get to choose. There aren't enough to have to make a choice), and the quality varies by teacher.
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You have to cross the football field to go to the elementary school in order to eat school food. Usually people just buy food from the store across the street, which adds up over time. People don't usually eat very healthy because of this.
The principle is amazing and tries her hardest to make the school good. No one really acts out of line so we don't need strict policy's.
There's really no clubs or organization besides sports.
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